Thursday, 27 October 2011

Red Shoes

There comes a point in your life when you have to indulge in a deep longing; we all have them, our own deep rooted longings and mine happened to be Red Shoes.
I can recall when my fascination with red shoes began too, it was many moons ago when I was a child and saw the famous film 'The Red Shoes' where the beautiful Moira Shearer danced her socks off in a pair of the most captivating red ballet slippers I'd ever clapped eyes on.

Now 38 years young, I decided it was high time to indulge one of my lifelong whims; no, I'd never be Moira Shearer but I could and would find a pair of bright cherry red shoes which would delight and excite that little inner ballerina of mine.

And I did.

I cannot begin to describe the joy as I opened the box - I happened upon something of a bargain too as this pair cost far less that it should have!

And of course, you can't wear red shoes with boring old socks, no that would never do!  Stripes are the order of the day, and each time I glance down at my feet I feel absolutely ditzy with glee!! Red Shoes and Stripes!!!! Hurrah for indulgence!!

*A little note on indulgence, in case you think it's completely frivolous and unnecessary:  I'm reading the fabulous Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, who observes that the days are long but life is short.  How right she is too!  I've really begun to think about how I spend my time and live my life - how to inject more Happy Moments into it and live as fully as I can in every moment - it's proving to be an interesting project. 

I'm not really a person for blowing huge amounts of moolah on clothing or footwear; to be honest if I ever go shopping for myself it's usually clothes of the smaller size that end up coming home with me for my daughter!  Reading her book gave me a bit of a permission slip to do something for me - and it's quite difficult to be honest, when you're used to mostly doing stuff for everyone else.

Talking of doing stuff, I've decided to tackle the over-cluttered chaos that is my house.  Gretchen's book also covers an inspiring section on de-cluttering and oh my, if anywhere needs it, it's my house!  My bedroom, which by rights ought to be a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquil surroundings is currently more akin to a charity shop, piled up with old baby toys, books and clothing.  It has become a veritable dumping ground for Things That Don't Have a Home or are no longer useful or useable.  Going to bed in this chaos has long been a bit of a nightmare, and I've put off tackling it due to the sheer enormity of the task.  This is just one corner:

I was also more than delighted to stumble upon this post by dear Lucy over at Attic 24, and this one here at Domesticali.  Heartily inspired, I ordered the book Ali wrote about and got busy reading.
Things now seem achievable, and I'm actually feeling pretty positive about getting stuck in.  I've already made a start, and have three large bags to give away to charity shops from Just ONE CORNER (not that one above either, another one!)  It sounds horrendous, it is - was, but I'm getting there, in just 15 minutes a day which is mightily do-able in my scheme of things!

I will share a picture of this corner when I've tackled it - rather than seeing it as a nasty chore, I'm trying to adopt the attitude of Home Loving instead and it does seem to slightly increase the feeling of wanting to keep it nice rather than not.

Right, that's me for now - I have a date with my wee girl to go and find a big pumpkin this afternoon, so we shall venture out into the grey gold wet day that has descended upon our corner of South Yorkshire and go hunting for a good one.

Sending you love, 
Julia x x x

**Edited to add - the shoes I got are these ones by a company called El Naturalista :)


  1. I've never come across anyone who loves a red shoe as much as me...but I reckon it might just be you!
    Also loving red show with stripy sock - natch.

    Now this decluttering business is such a good idea - great for your karma. Over the past 2 years we have lost our loft (to boy #3) our garage (now my workshop) and our cellar (to the Granny...converted first you understand!). This leaves us absolutley NO dumping ground.
    Currently the contents of all three spaces are in the dining room awaiting the mother of all sort outs. I just know how good it's going to feel...eventually!

    fee x

  2. ps that was 'red shoe' not 'show'! f

  3. Oh your red shoes are gorgeous, Julia! It's so nice to get something you've been really wanting too. I love the whole decluttering idea, having been through that process myself quite a few years ago, and at the time I learnt how to 'keep on top' of the clutter and the housework so it didn't overwhelm me! The idea of doing a corner at a time is so good because you actually feel you are getting somewhere and can see a tidy bit to cheer you up! Good luck with your decluttering and I hope you and you little girl find a lovely pumpkin!
    Helen x

  4. Well, I must be selfish because I have never had problems in doing something just for me and nobody else, not children, husband, friends, just ME. I wasn't put on this earth to be always thinking of others I'm afraid, I believe we deserve me time, buying something special for just ourselves if funds allow, to spoil ourselves. Go on, we deserve it, mums and dads alike.
    I love red Doc Martins and stripey socks... most of my socks are stripey, or have hearts on them, or dots, who wants boring old plain ones. Even my husband, quiet old thing that he is, doesn't wear boring plain black.
    And why don't I have to declutter? I see photos of bloggers homes that they are about to tackle, piles of 'stuff' in places they don't want them, and wonder why i don't have this problem? Then I remember I am a control freak, and that's why!!! Good luck with it.

  5. Dear Julia, I'm so happy for you - who wouldn't want red shoes! I have had red shoes looong time ago and now for some strange reason I have had in my mind green shoes!
    We have just now big cleaning/clearing week at home and everything is really upside down.
    Enjoy and have dancing steps with your new shoes!
    xxx Teje

  6. A word in defense of clutter. Einstein once said, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty desk?". So I don't go along with the idea that we have to get rid of stuff to feel good. Chances are that a couple of weeks after you have dumped stuff, you urgently need it. I'm not a hoarder by any means but I do like a house to be lived in and look it!

    It's been found that some of these pro de-clutters do real harm, literally forcing people to get rid of stuff that really they want to keep and it has been very distressing for them. There is this notion that purging your house of contents is always a good thing; I don't think it is. I mean what's wrong with keeping your child's lost teeth and a few meaningful bits and pieces? I have kept most of the dresses I made for my daughter and they will be going nowhere.

    I've made myself seem a bit of a hoarder, actually the only things I need to keep are most books. It's just the one size fits all concept that I don't like and that is so prevalent everywhere. By that I do not suggest that you infer that in your post. In fact it was the comment about it all being 'great for your karma' that set me off. We all get to the stage that we need a clear out, due to issues of space etc.

  7. Oh my goodness, first, I LOVE your red shoes!!! Good for you, and love those socks too!... As for the book you spoke of, I just recently purchase a book, that sounds of a similar theme/concept, that I will be reading along with in a group. I'm looking forward to starting it, because I think I catch myself MUCH too often just trying to get through a day, rather than just actually slowing down, breathe a bit slower, and ENJOY the day, know what I mean? As for red shoes?? (0; I'll have to watch for the sales!! ~tina

  8. I love your red shoes and stripy socks too! I really need to declutter at the moment. It has got to a stage where I cannot even get to anything to clean anything properly. Thank you for the timely prompt.x

  9. Your red shoes are just gorgeous! My own preference is for purple and I'm wondering if those stunning shoes come in such a colour. Would you share the make of them so I could go ahunting!!!
    Good luck with your decluttering, your home will feel fantastic when it's all done. ♥

  10. Like Sue I want a pair of purple shoes too. I have a pair or red Mary Janes that i wear all the time and love them, but wish I had them in purple too!

  11. Red shoes and stripey socks, GORGEOUS! I think polka dot socks would go well with your shoes too. In fact you could start a collection of interesting socks to go with your shoes. Wouldn't that be fun! :)
    Ahh, the subject of decluttering seems to have set off a spark with anonymous. If your clutter is bogging you down mentally, then it's time to have a clean up and a clean out. If you are perfectly content with your stuff then don't declutter. It's all about doing what's best for your personal situation. I do wish anonymous commenters had the courage to leave their name.
    Have an awesome day,
    Anne xx

  12. Red shoes are a must! I love them too. Good on you for tackling the clutter and loving your home, that is another must. I am doing that as well and it is no overnight cure but it does creep up on you bit by bit and then you can breathe in the tranquility :-)

  13. Oh those shoes! Swoon. They are delightful. Just the perfect shade of red :)

  14. Every girl needs a pair of red shoes. I love mine and they always put a spring in my step when I wear them. I love your striped socks combo.

  15. Love your red shoes! And love your post! I'm so sorry, that my English is really bad, I wanted to so so much to your words, because it is one big theme for me in the moment - carpe diem, never forget to be happy at any moment (Oh how difficult sometimes) and not only to look after everyone else but also after me...
    Dania xxx

  16. Hello Julia, Love your new red shoes, and striped socks, I have some similar ones and love wearing them. Thanks for popping by my blog - nice to meet you!
    Just had to say how lovely your work is, you clever girl!
    And I like your tiny crochet, might have a go at some small stuff myself. Good luck with the declutter! Have a great day! Jules :)

  17. I used to have a tiny pair of bright red tap shoes from when i was a child and they held magic, those shoes! When I see red shoes I always think of those. Your feet look great, all you need to do now is to tap your heels together and make a wish!
    I share your bedroom woes, mine has the corners filled with boxes and now those 'corners' actually touch eachother - eek! I really must get sorting out soon!
    love Jess xx

  18. Isn't it funny how shoes can make you feel child like happiness again. I have a pair of turquoise shoes which make me smile all the time, I hardly ever buy things for me either so they are extra special :-)

  19. LOVE your new shoes!
    Let's be honest, if your socks aren't fun socks; then why bother wearing them? Even when no one sees them, you know they're there!
    I hope you put little plastic baggies over your new shoes before venturing out into the wet on your pumpkin hunt!
    Happy Day to you! :)

  20. My old pilates teacher taught her classes in a converted barn and she was wearing red shoes the first time I met her - I coveted her barn, but I coveted her shoes more!

  21. Thanks for the link Julia! I have some of their clogs(in green) soooo comfy! That lilac is beautiful. I'm raiding my piggy bank for these!
    love Sue x

  22. Love them, the red shoes!!! I do love red shoes. Had a pair of red Kickers in the 70's at art college, how cool they were! I kept them in their box every night, how sad am I :) It was the packaging and everything, honest. I need to de clutter my workroom too, uuugh. I may need some new red shoes first though! (Kickers?)X Lovely post, thanks. Jules.

  23. Every woman needs a pair of red shoes at least once in her life!

    I think I need to try that 15 minutes a day too!

  24. Oh yes Julia, I am definitely loving the red shoes! I have a pair similar to yours and they always give me a boost when I put them on.

    I am with you on the whole de-cluttering thing. Everything in my house has slowly been piling up, and I think it makes me not function as well as I should! Don't know why. When there is a lot of stuff everywhere, I find it hard to concentrate and keep my mind on a job. My aim this week was to sort out a few rooms and hopefully feel all the better for it!

    Happy shoe wearing my lovely!


  25. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to feel a little happier when wearing red shoes. Yours are glorious.

    I am due a spot of decluttering - currently our dumping ground seems to be my bedroom floor, which is not good at all.


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