Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Pumpkins, Strawberries and Joy

Hello!  Hope you are well!

Today I am sharing my hand illustrated Christmas cards with you!  I've been looking forward to doing this, but had to keep them under wraps for a while - but at last, here they are!

I wanted to create a handful of special cards that would show lots of little images reflecting the festive season...tiny pictures and words came to mind, and so after some sketching and doodling, I came up with these.  Each hand painted tile is mounted in relief of a white A5 sized card, and they're blank inside for your own message.  Seasonal greetings have been hand written around the edge of the artwork, and each card is signed by me.

The individual tiles are hand painted in watercolour, with a shimmer glaze for added sparkle and finished with ink.  There are only four left at present and I've got them up for sale in my Folksy Shop if you wish to take a peek.

Here's a close up:

I do hope you like them!

So, wandering away from All Things Christmassy, did you all have a ghoulish Halloween weekend?  My Small Person declared very loudly that she did NOT like witches at all, and would not dress up.  She said she thought the Scary Heads in the shops were horrid and did not like it.  Instead, she would dress up as a fairy and would stretch to helping with pumpkin scooping but that was it.

So pumpkin scooping it was, and not a witches hat in sight!

Our Halloween was very murky and foggy - very appropriate spooky conditions actually, and our lantern blazed marvellously outside in the gloom.  Miss Fairy spent much time back and forth looking at it out of the window, and talking to it.

"Mummy.  Pumpkin Head is sad.  He wants to come in for some tea!"

We are now looking forward to bonfire night - must get myself a decent pair of wellies this year unless I want to come home caked in mud like Farmer Barlemow again! And then it will be Christmas...although in some respects it feels like it already!!  But before we all go demented with the sights of heavily decorated department stores (with Mariah Carey piped in for good measure), I thought I'd mention another little print I'm releasing...and this, I hope you will like, because it harks back to late summer, not a whiff of Christmas about it (unless you would like to buy one as a Christmas present of course!! :D)

Taken from the original painting 'Strawberries & Daisies' - this print will be available on my website, and eventually in my Folksy and Etsy emporiums for £14.00.  It comes mounted with a back board, and each print is hand titled and signed.

Each print is also gift wrapped in bright tissue paper and twine...

...and don't forget, UK mainland customers can take advantage of Free Shipping!

Well there is much to be done these days, Im doing my best to visit Blogland as much as I can, and I've enjoyed catching up with a few of you - Im looking forward to my mid-afternoon cuppa when I will make time to have another roam!  For now though, there is work to be done, a Small Person to keep amused so I will wave Au-revoir for now.  Thank you so much for stopping by, it means such a lot that you do, and also for taking time to comment, I know its a busy time of year for many of you, which makes it all the more special when you do drop in to say Hello.

Sending you caramel lattes, warm mittens and love

Julia x


  1. Love your Christmas cards, they must take you ages! And Farmer Barlemow - haven't heard of him in such a long time - made me smile!
    PS Giveaway on my blog!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful cards ♥ - the tiny little pictures sum up so many different images of Christmas.

    I only bought myself a pair of wellies this year and I went posh - so much so I wear them everywhere, they are that comfy. I may look like a mad person, but I really do not care!

    Nina xxx

  3. Ooooh I love your new print! xx

  4. Oooh, caramel lattes - they sound very yummy indeed.

    Your cards are utterly beautiful. They make me feel almost Christmassy!

    I can't wait for fireworks night. I love it ALL aooooo much!

  5. Oh I love it when someone else is being festive as well as me! I really love your cards and summery print.

    We enjoyed a low key hallowe'en too, pumkins and spiders rule here rather than ghosts and ghouls.

    Hope you got five peaceful minutes with that cuppa.

  6. Fab card and painting. I hope you let Mr Pumpkin in for tea in the end :-)

  7. Love the new card, I recieved mine in the post today. I am really pleased with them, Father christmas is even better than shown on your blog, the colours are so vibrant. I love them thank you for creating them.

  8. Hi Julia
    What lovely Cards, you are such a talented lady.

  9. Having made my own cards for thirty years, including a design very similar to yours only less arty since I am not artistic (I cheated and used small images from previously received cards!), I know how much work goes into making cards. Yours are lovely and that late summery print too!
    Well done and good luck with them.
    Oh, and I'm with your little fairy with her thoughts on Hallowe'en!

  10. Love each little square on your cards! Your work is so fresh and fun!
    Hope your day is sweet and sunny~

  11. I love that your daughter knows her own mind so well.

    Fabulous cards Julia.


  12. I like the shimmer glaze to your tiles Julia. I also like the strawberries and daisies print too. Enjoy your bonfire night! x


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