Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pay It Forward (and a work in progress)

 Hello again!

Thank you for dropping in, I am a mite bit tired today, having only got six hours sleep under my belt but I was determined to do this post as it's going to involve gifts!

(my cheery red £1.00 gerbera sitting on my table ~ isn't it lovely?!)

I was up until almost midnight last night, reading a book I'd picked up recently in a charity shop by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, it's called The Angels Game, and I scared myself half witless with this dark, menacing story set in the tormented streets of Barcelona, but could I put it down???  Not a chance!  Anyway!! Come six o'clock this morning, I was wide awake as I heard the other half setting off for Peterborough and could NOT get back to sleep.  And the harder you try, the more sleep will evade you as you all probably know...and the reason I couldn't go back to sleep this morning was because an idea I'd had for a new painting crept into my conciousness...

Yesterday saw the idea beginning to take shape in my sketchbook...

This idea was born from the imagination, but sparked I think, from the inspiring farm and moorland scenery that surround our home; watching a line of sheep piling through a hole in a drystone wall whilst dry seedheads bobbed in front of me in a chilly breeze - an idea for a farmer, driving his sheep homeward, with his sheepdog dancing about up ahead began to take shape...welcoming lights of the farmhouse cottage spilling onto the ground in a fuzzy warm glow...the palest of pale suns, setting in a creamed apricot sky...

The original sketches had a sea view included, but since then, the work has evolved to be a purely rural piece...and I'm liking how it's taking shape.  I love sharing work in progress with you, so you can see how a painting transforms and changes during its production.  I wonder what you will think of it so far?  I've decided to call it 'Heading for Home' and here's the first glimpse! the beginning of this post, I mentioned GIFTS.  Yes, that's right.  I was very, very lucky to be one of the first three people to comment on The Patchwork Heart's Blog way back in September which meant I became part of the Pay It Forward movement!!
This is a really blissful way of spreading a bit of Goodness in the world without expectation of anything in return...just giving for the sake of giving, to make the planet a bit more cheerier (and oh it works, it really does!!)

Yesterday afternoon, the postie rapped on the door and dropped a parcel into my hands.
I opened it up to find some beautifully wrapped gifts in blue tissue paper, secured with a red and white polka dot ribbon (forgive me, no pictures of this, far too excited was I to see what was inside!)

And inside dear people, were these generous presents that I love so very much, and which made me literally GLOW with happiness!

A beautiful gemstone heart, a gorgeously shabby chic heart to hang on a lonely, unadorned door, and the prettiest of needle books (which I've been wanting for an age!!)  Heather is so clever, and I can't tell you how delightful it is to receive a gift like this!  Thank you so much Heather!

If you would like to take part, then you need to be one of the first three people to leave me a comment on this post.  I will get in touch to ask you to send me your address, and in due course I will post a little something out to you!
The first three people then in turn, will send out a little goodness to three others and so the love and the happiness continues to spread around our little globe!

There is no time limit to this by the way, within the 365 days should be time enough!

Sending love to you, thank you for reading!

Julia x x x


  1. I love to see how your paintings evolve - it will be fab I am sure.
    I would like to be part of the "spreading happiness around the globe" idea. I have lots of little handmade treaures that would like a new home!! x Jo

  2. the painting is lovely!! I am amazed at the process of art.
    the pay it forward little package of love is just beautiful and it made me smile this morning.

  3. hey gorgeous, it's pants not being able to get back to sleep....but the upside is...that you have produced a fabulous piece of artwork! ;o)

    I took part in a PIF a few months back and was quite excited about it, that was until I posted about it on my blog and only got one {yes, 1} comment in return...that made me sad to think no one wanted to receive a little something just for being them! poo!

    So I would love to take part in you PIF! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

    P.S. if you want to take part in mine there are still two places available....anyone! lol!
    {check out my blog}

  4. Oh my I would so love to take part in this! Please include me if at all possible!

    Fiona x

  5. Oh Julia ~ please can I play in your pay it forward? I love your red gerbera and the little crochet mat that is sitting on is very pretty too :O) xx

  6. Isn't that a lovely, joyful idea! Pleasant surprises through the post are all too rare these days! Does the thing you send on have to be professional though...our household not being artistically blessed!
    Love the new painting- reminds me of home....

  7. Oh Julia your new painting is beautiful, you've got all my favourite colours in the one painting!
    What a lovely little parcel to receive and such a good idea. :)
    Best wishes,
    Vivienne x

  8. I think the rural scene looks lovely, to be honest I think everything with sheep looks lovely!

    Louise x

  9. Wooooh! I'm numer one!!

    I love seeing your notebook sketchings.

    Even they are lovely!

  10. oh how I would love to be part of your pay it forward but am already part of another one so am not sure the rules allow me to enter another :-( Fab painting by the way - love the theme and colours especially as it is becoming to grey outside now with all the leaves blown from the trees :-(

  11. I would love to participate! I love getting parcels in the post, but I even more enjoy preparing little gifts for people who I know will appreciate them. Please count me in!

  12. Dear Juila
    Count me in on this wonderful pay it forward
    Heather xxx

  13. Oooo I can't believe that if I type quickly that I might be one of your first 3 comments :) I'd love to take part.

  14. I am so happy that you enjoyed receiving the little bit of love that I sent, I had much fun planning it :)Thanks for the lovely comment and photo, good luck to the next 3 commenters!
    Heather x

  15. you'll have to look out for The Shadow of the Wind which is the next book. it kept me up till 3am one night. so on second thoughts maybe I shouldn't recommend it. x

  16. Such beautiful things to receive in the post, how lucky!
    I love your painting, the sheep are adorable.
    If you like that book you'll probably like his other one The Shadow of the Wind, it's another one that you can't put down.

  17. Hi Julia, the painting in progress is beautiful! I suspect i am a little late for the pay it forward, but what a wonderful idea! i am discovering blogland to be a caring and inspirational, life affirming world!!
    Best Wishes

  18. What a lovely lovely idea this is,I know I'm too far down the list but just hearing of such lovely things is good for the heart! Might borrow this idea and send some love and happiness out into the world in the way of a hand crafted gift! How very un canny,My husband set off for Peterborough at 7am thismorning,there's a small world!.x

  19. What a lovely little package, and what a nice idea too.
    I love to see inside your sketchbook and then to see how it progresses, thanks for sharing, x

  20. I have a strange feeling there is a picture of sheep called Heading for Home.... I know I have seen several involving a line of sheep - one of them on the BBC Countryfile calendar - and there is another painting or two in similar vein. But the title you chose also rings a bell.... love yours as well! And isn't it annoying when you get an idea into your head for something you want to do, and it won't go away, prevents you sleeping and so on. Nothing will do but I have to get up, go into my workroom and quickly jot it down, then go back to bed and can usually sleep until the appropriate time for getting up.. because of course these ideas come at inhospitable and inconvenient times!

  21. Hi Julia, Love your painting. Wonderful to see the sketch and how it evolves. Also love any kind of pay it forward theme, what a great idea! I also read the Angel's Game and it was one of my favorite's. You must read his other book, The Shadow of the Wind, it was even better with some similar characters and themes! Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. I think the heading for home painting looks very promising! I hope you manage to have a restful sleep and sweet dreams tonight! x

  23. Love the painting in progress and lucky you with the PIF!


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