Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Sunny Spring Giveaway!! (and some other bits and bobs)

Hello Dear Souls!

We've been to the seaside! My goodness, it seems an awful long time since I walked on the sands and inhaled the delicious tangy scent of a salt breeze, but on Sunday we took ourselves off to the east coast of Lincolnshire and enjoyed a bracing walk on the beach - although it was bitterly cold there the sky was a radiant cobalt blue and seemed to go on forever...I love Big Skies and a sense of space like that!
The sun shone all day long however, and it was a day for discovering once again, how pretty dried seaweed can be, collections of fragile, tiny shells on the shoreline and admiring the simple beauty of sunlight on tide rippled sand.

Little Person, needless to say, enjoyed it immensley and there was much sand pie making and pitstops for games of football.

Thoroughly refreshed and reinvigorated after our bracing day out, we returned home. And the homeland is much cheerier now that there is a promise of spring on the horizon. Ah yes, the days are definately getting longer, and the other evening we had a glowing sunset as we travelled over the 'tops' to go and fetch our daughter from Nanny Mum's house. (the 'tops' are a local name for the hills that rise up between the valleys here).

The view through the farmers field there, is over Bradfield and out to the Strines Moor- beyond that you can just about make out Winn Hill in the Peak District (teeny tiny pointy bit on the horizon).
I love the old marker stones you get around our way too that serve as road signs. This one in the top right picture is showing the way to Brighthomlee, with a helpful etching of a finger in the stone to point you in the right direction!

So, Spring is absolutely and most definately in the air...and there is also something else in the air too - yes, Im sure you who visit me often enough will know by now that Im having a little giveaway! is the day I can finally share the scrumptious goodies that will be on their way to one lucky soul!

The Sunny Spring Giveaway!!

This giveaway is a little celebration of the impending arrival of Spring, and also my birthday which coincides beautifully with this occasion! If you would like to enter, all you need to do is leave me a comment in the 'post a comment' section at the end of this post. That's it. It's that easy. On March the 21st, which is the Spring Equinox, I shall draw a name from the hat and post the winner's name the following day (I'd post it on the 21st but it's my birthday so Im hoping to be whisked off somewhere marvellous and nowhere near a computer!! ;-)

So, without anymore waffling, here is what you can win!

One signed, limited edition print of Moon Fishing, presented in a white mount
ready for framing.

A crocheted daffodil corsage, made by yours truly - looks quite splendidly spring like and colourful on a coat or jacket - or bag come to that!

A bag of the most delicious praline eggs - well, Easter is but a hop away and it wouldn't feel right not to include a little chocolatey goodness for you!

Four of my art print cards, of the designs shown

aaaannnnnnnd...last but not least, a lavender heart, made from pretty Erin McMorris Park Slope 'circles and stems' fabric, filled with generous spoon-fulls of garden harvested lavender, and finished with a shell, and vintage pink button.

And there we have it my friends! All that remains is for you to leave me your comments - meanwhile, Im off to finish a certain painting that I started last week - thank you for all your excellent suggestions about that, I really was in a bit of a pickle with what that dear blackbird could have come to find, but Im now happy to tell you that, inspired by Surfer Rosa's idea Im going to be adding a little cotton reel or ribbon to the scene!

I'll be back again as usual next week (if not before)!

Til' then - love to you,
J x


  1. Julia I loved your beach photos! The sky looked amazing. I just love to walk along an open stretch of beach and smell the salty air. There is something so invigorating yet very soothing about it. I dream of living close to the sea, maybe one day. Wow, what a lovely giveaway you are it would seem very silly for one not to enter now wouldn't it! he he! What a gorgeous talent you have, am totally envious! Have a good rest of a week and a fantastic weekend! warmest wishes Vanessa xxx

  2. That looks a great day out - I'm ready for some bracing sea air! I would love love love to enter your fabulous giveaway. xxxxx

  3. Julia ~ what a very generous giveaway! I would very much like to be in with a chance to win all those lovely goodies please :O) x

  4. Love your art so of course am leaving a comment in the hopes of being picked. Had problems with computer and lost my blogs so will have to start again, but March is proving to be a bitch of a month.... computer probs not withstanding, on the 3rd my hairdryer blew up in my hand, and five days later, here I am, unable to move having damaged my back in a bad fall down the stairs. nOT THAT i am touting for sympathy.... but will be off line now anyway until next week when hopefully I will feel moe like using the computer mentally and physically. Good luck to all who enter this draw, the giveaways are gorgeous...

  5. What a fabulous collection of gifts you've put together, I feel like jumping up an down and shouting "PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!"
    I am aching to visit the seaside, we are hoping that the wetaher will hold till Sunday as J has promised us a trip to the coast for Mothers Day, I miss the sea desperately (August is now sooo far in the past, way too long ago).

    Wishing you a very very happy start to the Spring Season, aren't the longer days heavenly??

  6. oohh it is my Birthday next week also so I would love the chance to be entered to win this gorgeous competition pleasey :-)

    By the way, fab photographs there, loving the big open skys :-)

  7. Hi Julia
    Your photographs are beautiful! There's nothing as lovely as gathering seashells on a beach.
    What a very generous giveaway, please enter me in!!
    Vivienne x

  8. It is beginning to feel spring like at times isn't it. I just love that cute daffodil and those stunning paintings of yours:-)
    Take care,

  9. I just popped in for a visit and you have a giveaway yeh!! I would love to be included. I have enjoyed my visit and will add you to my favourites so I can call again,
    please pop over and say hello if you have time.

  10. such a wonderful talent u have ;0)
    and all those wonderful goodies in your sunny giveaway! xxxx
    i love a good sea side walk or a ramberling through woods and hills all in the wonderful open fresh air- makes u feel great ;0)
    i love to b entred into ur giveaway ;0)xxxx

  11. oh my goodness, what a totally heart-flutteringly gorgeous giveaway! i dare not hope, but please, please count me in :o)
    i can feel the fresh salty air from your lovely photographs...they are so wonerfully invigorating! that particular shade of blue is such a healing colour, so beautiful.
    thank you for your kind and lovely comments you are such a sweet soul dear Julia.
    my very warmest wishes for your birthday to come, i think you chose the most perfect day to be born and there is something joyous and spring-like about you that shines through your blog. always a happy, homely and inspiring place to visit.

    warm hugs and showers of spring flowers and sunshine xxx


  12. It's a long way to Crete so I'm going to stand on my chair now and the top of my voice...MEEEE...MEEEEEE! Pick MMEEEE!!! Can you hear me...??
    Love the package and as you know (grovel!!) I'm a great follower of you!! AND 21st is my mother's birthday...that must count for oh ok....
    Take care
    Glad days are getting better

  13. Hello there Julia, what a beautiful post. You never fail to disappoint with your photographs. The seaside photos look amazing. I grew up by the sea and am drawn to it. I really miss it and love to go back home and visit the folks for fresh walks along the beach.
    You are being most generous with your lovely giveaway gifts. Your beautiful artwork would really be an amazing win.
    I would love to be entered,
    Have fun with the little one.
    Rachael XX

  14. I so yearn for a day by the beach or even in the garden! It has been bitingly cold here. A wonderful and generous giveaway Julia! My Birthday is on the 24th so I'm a Spring 'baby' too!!! I would love to be entered into your giveaway. I fancy those praline eggs right now!!! x

  15. I just love the beach and sometimes I think it is even better in early spring rather than the heat of summer!!!! when we get the heat that is!! please cont me in the birthday giveaway and have a good one

  16. Oh oh oh! The daffodil corsage! Be still my beating heart!
    I love your beachy photos...there's nothing like the seaside. Cx

  17. Lovely photos. The beach ones remind me of Holkham in Norfolk - such a large expanse of sand (and sky too).

    What a lovely giveaway, such gorgeous goodies.


  18. Dear Julia,
    I just discovered your blog through Waldorf Mama. I love your enthusiastic and vivid blog!

  19. Wow, what a gorgeous, generous give-away, I really hope I win!

    Your sea photos are beautiful, they make me want to take a trip to the beach very soon, perhaps next week...


  20. Wow, beautiful sea, sand, sun and blue sky.
    And a lovely giveaway.....

    ~X~ Karin

  21. ooooh, beautiful photos.
    Please please enter me into your wonderful give away - so many yummy spring goodies! Thank you :o)

  22. Oh please put my name in thr draw to win this wonderful give-a-way.

  23. The sky looks wonderful, roll on spring and more sunny days.
    Love Moon Fishing and would love to be lucky enough to win your giveaway.

  24. found my way here from attic 24 what a gorgeous giveaway please count me in your blog is so scrummy:)

  25. What a beautiful sunset over the tops :o)

    Your giveaway is adorable and whoever wins that lovely prize will be delighted. I would be so happy to win such a beautiful prize.

    Have a wonderful birthday and I hope you do get whisked off somewhere lovely and spoilt rotten xo

    Carolyn xo

  26. wow, lovely photos Julia! What a wonderful giveaway you can surely count me in, i just adore that print with the little boat, and all those other lovely things. Someone is going to be sooo lucky!! xxxx

  27. An empty beach and big skies are irresistible, aren't they? Lovely pics here. Spring is so very close. Happy Birthday for the 21st Julia, and please count me in for your lovely giveaway.

  28. What a wonderful give away Julia... so many lovely gifts and all so very special. Please, please, please put my name in the draw!
    Enjoyed your photographs of the sea and especially that one through the farmers gate. And that beautiful cobalt blue sky. Sometimes winter skies are just so clear.Special views. The Peak District, I seem to remember that in the Jane Austen novels.

    Looking forward to seeing your painting again. I like the sound of the cotton reels and ribbon.

    Jacky xox

  29. Beautiful photos, I could almost feel the sea air, much needed. Thank you so much for your kind comment, your cheery post makes me feel more spring like and I am off to find some pretty flowers to cheer up a corner of the garden. Have a lovely weekend! Hugs Debs xx

  30. Julia, What a delight it must be, to make a seaside visit. Here it is only the Great Lakes, while lovely in some areas, it's not quite the same!

    What a lovely giveaway. I adore the crocheted flower. I think I'll need to find a pattern for one. I bought a new jacket yesterday that could use a touch such as that!

    Those roadside markers are a delight! Why did my ancestors come to Canada??!! : )

    Be well ~Andrea~

  31. Love the fabric of the little heart, love the idea of Moon Fishing too - that sounds like bliss!
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway please!
    Thank you

  32. Wonderful post as ever with the added bonus of a gorgeous giveaway. You art is so lovely nad heartlifting I'd be thrilled to win!

  33. Wow - what a lovely giveaway! Such beautiful prizes and I love the art work. And beatiful beach pictures too.

  34. I'm leaving a comment: I hope I win your giveaway! I love your cards and I love Marks and Spencer's stuff!!!!
    It's Memarge:)

  35. What lovely beach pictures.
    Please allow me to enter your giveaway - i LOVE the picture! and all the other gorgeous things too :)

  36. Your artwork is amazing! Wow.

  37. Oooohhh ,the shape of your heart is just perrrfect !! not too fat and not too skinny :0) The fabric is lovely too ,please enter me in your giveaway ,please, please,pretty please xxx

  38. I am in love with that daff and the print. Very spring like.

    Lovely to have found your blog.

  39. What beautiful items..oh count me in! Lovely!
    Gorgeous photos too Xx

  40. Ohhhh - me, me me please !!! How beautiful would all of your pictures and other goodies look in my new shed !! And how appreciative would my tummy be of the praline eggs ??!!

    Thank you so much for all of your lovely, encouraging comments Julia. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

    Delivery arrived today (yay!) and fingers crossed I'll be in by the end of the week :o) New photos will be posted soon.

    Take care.
    Sarah xx

  41. Another gorgeous post Julia... the sea looks almost inviting, except that it's March and still VERY cold. The colours of the hill tops and sunsets are so inspirational...
    Of course I would love to win your gorgeous giveaway... please, pretty please!!!

    Have a lovely week... I hope you've got something special planned for your birthday?

    Love Yvonne xx

  42. Beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing.x

  43. hello Julia! oooh yes i know someone who would love to enter your giveaway! Meeeee please! what a lovely idea to celebrate the start of spring, and what lovely and beautiful prizes too! Oh and when you said about the 21st being your birthday, i mis-read it and thought it WAS your 21st birthday! crikey! lots love, janine XxX. ps. loved your seaside snaps too, i want to go to the seaside now!

  44. Wow Julia your photographs are amazing and im sitting here with my mouth open at your paintings! So beautiful i am so so happy you left a comment on my blog and i came across to see - i would hate to think i had missed out on your blog! Im in awe!!


  45. Just discovered you through the yummy Malteaser cake link on Country Heart and Home. What lovely artwork you create! Enjoy your birthday, qwiksave (Nicky) of Creative Flourishes.

  46. What a lovely collection for a giveaway. I love the colours in the moon fishing.

  47. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. Have a fabby birthday!

  48. Your paintings are amazing. Happy Birthday for the 21st. Count me in on the giveaway please xx

  49. Don't you think this is just the best time of year to visit the coast?
    Thanks for the giveaway and please throw my name into the hat.

  50. Do you ONLY sell in GB? I'd love to buy one of your prints. Marge in KS

  51. Hi Julia! Here I am!
    Hey they're lovely pictures! You're so lucky you know just being able to pop to the seaside, it's ages since I've been... (sigh!) Where did you go exactly?

    Hey your giveaway is very nice! One would have to be a philistine to not want all your lovely little pictures and the daff! :D

  52. I would love to enter your giveaway if that's ok. I could almost smell that warm breeze in my imagination. Sadly, it is absolutely chucking it down here at the moment. Have a lovely weekend. Dev x

  53. Hi Julia
    Joeys making me leave a comment on your blog I don't know give her a glass of wine and she gets totally carried away :-)
    Claire x

  54. Great give away Julia - would love to win. -Jo

  55. Oh what a lovely giveaway and thanks for sending me over Julia. Very sweet of you honey. Off for a huge catch up now. Have a lovely weekend x


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