Thursday, 18 March 2010

Daffodils and Bunting

Daffodils and Bunting
Acrylic on box canvas 20x20cm

Hello people!

I hope this warm March day finds you well! Im pleased to be able to share the finished painting 'Daffodils and Bunting' with you! After being inspired by Surfer Rosa, I painted in some cotton reels as the thought of the blackbird coming to find a spare strand of thread to line his nest was very appealing. Of course, I then sat wondering what the cotton reels might be sitting there for, all very well to have a couple of reels on the window sill and why not - but I felt a bit more visual interest was necessary and the idea of bunting popped into my head, and it seemed to bring the picture together! Do you agree? Im going to start putting some of my originals into my Folksy shop ~ 'Little Blue Bird' ~ so you will be able to find this, and other paintings and prints available to buy there too!

This morning I awoke at 6am - I lay under the warmth of the duvet for a few minutes but realised that the light coming from behind the curtains was tempting me to get up. Im not usually up this early, and generally Im the sort that will turn over and go back to sleep for another hour until the soft thudding of Little Girl's footsteps on the landing awaken us. But this morning, I felt compelled to be up before anyone else. I tiptoed downstairs, put on a pot of coffee and opened the backdoor...and thats when I realised what had happened.

Spring had arrived.

It's that wonderful moment that you get when the season is on the cusp of changing. A warm breeze was blowing (yes, at 6am - a warm wind) and I stood on the doorstep in my jammies breathing in this feeling of delight. It was here!! At last!! It's nothing actually noticeable, in fact, all looked the same outside as it did yesterday, but there was a very perceptible feeling of something in the air having shifted and changed. Oh isn't it delicious when Spring lands on your doorstep?!

The picture above, is another view of our lovely 'tops' looking out again over to Derbyshire. It was slightly hazy at 8:30 this morning as we drove over to Mum's to dispatch the Little One for a day of adventuring. Im very fond of that view, it's one of my favourites and sometimes feels as if the whole, beautiful world is spread out before me.

You can see that Spring has arrived, Im waxing lyrical and Im all over the place in a skippy happy sort of fashion today! Which leads me to more skippy happy stuff, of the crochet kind.

Ive made some hearts!

I was inspired a few weeks back by a post on Attic 24's blog, where she had designed and made the sweetest little hearts you ever did see. Now, I was quite smitten with them and searched the internet high and low for a pattern. But you know what its like, once you see something you like, you want that one - and none of the other patterns I found really did it for me. So, last night I spent a couple of hours working out my own pattern - Im nothing if not determined folks - and eventually, with a whole lot of tweaking and unravelling, came up with these, which I think look a bit like what I was after!

Im going to try and make a little chain of heart bunting, as I feel that our home is very much in need of some heart bunting! However, for now that will have to wait, as a new painting is about to be started! I was halfway through Daffodils and Bunting when an idea struck. Now, for me, this is not always a good thing, as it means that I get so excited by the new idea I become bored of what Im currently doing and discard it in order to get on with the new stuff. However, Im practising being disciplined, and did a few sketches to quench the excitement so that I could finish 'D&B' properly.

The next painting will feature a cat, and I hope to be able to share it with you soon.

I can't say Goodbye this week without saying 'Thank You' to everyone who has visited my blog to take part in the Sunny Spring Giveaway! Ive been delighted to find wonderful comments from old friends and new ones, and because of this Im discovering some wonderful new blogs, so thanks to all of you for stopping by! There is still chance to enter the giveaway, as it doesn't close until the 21st March - so if you would like to enter and haven't already, then please leave a comment on this post to guarantee a place in the draw, which takes place on Monday the 22nd.

I'm looking forward to catching up with your blogs, its been a busy old week here one way or another so apologies for not being able to get to as many blogs as I would like (and believe me, I like nothing more than a good hour of peaceful blog browsing, with cup of tea and something sweet and nice alongside!).

Have a warm, sunny weekend - I'll be posting again sometime on Monday so "Good Luck" to you, if you're in the draw!

Mucho love
Julia x x x


  1. Ah what a beautiful painting! So happy and gorgeous! I know what you mean about that feeling of opening a door in the morning and feeling the spring air! I sat in the garden a couple of days ago drinking a cup of tea with the sun shining on my face and it was heaven! I've got the bug for crochet hearts at the moment! I fancied making some mantle bunting! I love your hearts, a great size....I had to google around yesterday to try and find a tutorial for little hearts as I wanted to make some small ones like yours to put on things. Crochet is so much fun! Have a wonderful rest of a spring day! Vanessa xxx

  2. It is just beautiful - my favoutite things on one canvas - I love the title too! I feel rather chuffed that you cited my comment as a little inspirational but for me the bunting is a fabulous finishing touch.

  3. You are a very talented lady - I loved the picture & its happy colours..

    The view is stunning - there is a similar one at Ashover - It reminds me of how lucky I am to have what I have, on my doorstep. Sometimes after doing a home visit, I will pull up in the car & just - pause

    Thanks for the comment on the pause in lent post - I think we are on a similar wave length!

    Love Lydia xx

  4. I just love your new painting and I'm looking forward to seeing the cat!
    Your crochet hearts are so cute. :)
    I thought spring had sprung here also but I'm afraid we had a step backwards today as it has rained. :(
    Vivienne x

  5. Oh daffodils and bunting is wonderful, so cheerful. Love the spools and bunting.
    Roll on warm sunny days, so good for the soul and the spirit.x

  6. What a lovely painting! Yey Spring has arrived - the kiddies have been outside playing since they got home from school and are loving being in the garden again :-)

  7. Oh wow Julia that painting is gorgeous!! Be still my heart it even has bunting on it! :) I love the little hearts and mine has been singing today as i noticed the change in season too - i love that feeling that all is well and going to get better :D


  8. The painting is gorgeous and very well inspired.

    Love the hearts too - think I may have to google for a tutorial too,

    take care,

    Nina xxxxxx

  9. What a gorgeous post Julia.
    I adore your new painting, that little bird pinching the thread is so cute. What a lovely idea with the bunting.
    I am also loving those fabulous crochet hearts. You are very clever working out your own pattern. I wouldn't know where to start.
    I am looking forward to that feeling of spring. The flowers here are well and truly flourishing and we did get a sneaky peak at some glorious weather (no coat weather) at the weekend but it has disappeared again, leaving grey skies and a cold wind:(
    Have fun,
    love Rachael xx

  10. Hi Julia
    What a lovely post chocka-full of beautiful things!
    Love your lickle hearts...I finally managed to find my tatty bit of paper with the scrawled heart pattern on it this morning, stuffed in a bag with a load of junk, so going to write my tutorial sooon I hop...but yours do lok gorgeous and very like mine..heart bunting, yes thats on my mind too :o)

    I have to say I absolutely ADORE your latest painting, oh my goodness, it is sooooooo lovely. Really it made my heart skip a beat when I saw it. Would LOVE it so much. Might have to whisper sweet nothings to my hubby and point him to your gallery haha!

    Lots of love to you xxx

    ps need to put your blog on my blogroll, been meaning to do it for ages...gonna update at the wkend if get chance, i so enjoy my visits here ♥

  11. The bunting really works in the painting Julia. You are so on trend!!! Your little hearts are just the right shape and size with a cute roundness to them! We had spring arrive but it seems to have momantarily disappeared. I did manage to get some washing outside on the line this week though which is always a delight! Have a great weekend. x

  12. Beautiful, beautiful post - I love the painting (and I am a huge fan of bunting) and particularly the bird and the thread. So sweet. I love the little hearts as well. Take care xxooxxooxx.

  13. Hi Julia
    Can't stop thinking about your beautiful painting, I came back this morning to take another look!
    Do you make prints of your artwork?? In other words will there be a print of this one avaialble at any time?? I love it sooo much!!!
    Love to youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. yes it is lovely at the moment - really like the painting and I just love the hearts - could you do some instructions? or is that a bit cheeky! - bunting is a lovely idea

  15. Hey Julia, I have a blog award waiting for you over at mine! Pop on over and pick it up! xxx

  16. What a beautiful painting - I love the colour blue that you use. I agree - March has behaved beautifully up to now. I can cope with Winter being wintery, if Spring is springy and Summer is HOT!! Such lovely things in your post Julia.

  17. Hi Julia,
    I'm sitting here with my cuppa and a piece of chocolate enjoying catching up with blogs too.
    Lovely happy painting.x

  18. What a beautifully written post! The painting looks gorgeous... I too love bunting, but my fave part is the blue spotty jug - looks stunning with the daffs. Nice hearts too - look forward to seeing the bunting! x

  19. Your painting is lovely and that view acroos the tops takes my breath away - perfect. The little hearts are so neat - my crochet skills are improving slowly - i might try a heart or two - thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Julia. Nearly all cccaught up now. Lovely to read your blogs again. Have a lovely weekend xx

  21. love your painting, it's great, the colours are wonderful...and they go with all your little yarn hearts...

    I made a crochet heart today too...worked out a pattern I once saw...and I might post it soon...

    creating is fun stuff...and I'm happy you've shared your creativity with me!

    ciao bella
    thanks for you kind visit as well

  22. That gorgeous view being at the top of the world! Funny, today I had that feeling that autumn in now here too. Lovely sunny day, but a certain cooler note in the air. Wont be long and we will be wanting a wood fire again.
    Your latest painting is gorgeous. I love how you use blue!!! The bunting and cotton reels are perfect.
    Crocheted heart bunting...every home needs some.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend too.

    Jacky xox

  23. happy birthday julia!!! :o)
    have a wonderful day xxxxxx

    the crochet hearts are just perfect! are you going to tell us how you made them? i would love to have a go at them, they are so sweet.
    your daffodil and bunting painting hit me right between the eyes with it's brilliant blast of sunshine, i was quite stunned (in a nice soul-boosting sort of way way) for a moment and immediatly up-lifted.

    lots of love and birthday hugs xxxxxx


  24. Hi Julia, lovely painting, i love the cotton reels and bunting,how clever! Its very springlike , i love it xxxxxx Do you use photoshop to edit your pics?, the photos of your work are always so good x

  25. Oh I love those hearts - you have got me wanting to do some! Must be catching. Love the blog x

  26. Julia, That is certainly a very gorgeous view. Breathtaking really. I wouldn't want to leave!

    I adore the little crocheted hearts and Daffodils and Bunting is like all of your work, a delight to behold.

    Thanks for letting us in. : )

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  27. I adore your daffodils and bunting with that oh so cute blackbird :o)

  28. Hi Julia - it's too long since I visited! What a lovely painting 'Daffodils and Bunting' is. Well done, Lesley


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