Saturday, 17 October 2009



I wanted to post a quick note to you all, to tell you that my laptop is in the land of Not Working Anymore, so it is being sent on vacation come Monday to the lovely man at the computer repair shop. As soon as it comes back I will be posting and visiting blogland again, meantime, enjoy your weekends, especially the little moments and I look forward to catching up with you all again soon!

Sending spiced pumpkin soup, country strolls and warm thoughts to you all.

Julia xxx


  1. hurry back soon!!
    hope its nothing serious. x

  2. oh, sorry you won't be around for a while, hope laptop is better soon!x x

  3. Get well soon little computer. xxxx

  4. How did you know I had been making pumpkin soup? In case you are intersted, am organising a Christmas-themed swap over on my Three R's blogspot?

  5. Hurry up techie man - we miss Julia and her colourful creations.

    Mrs Bun x


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