Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Autumn Dances In

So I was reflecting upon all my different crochet projects a few days ago, and as I joined the Attic24 Pool I was quite surprised to see how many things I had made these last few months - some are still unfinished (like Big Blanket and Little Throw), but nevertheless, there's quite a bit of fabulous woolly goodness festooned around our home, which Im immensley pleased with! Anyhow, I thought it would be nice to share it with you as its jolly colourful and cheerful and totally necessary! :)

As well as woolly projects, this weekend saw me venturing to try a pattern from the Sew Sunny Homestyle book which I bought last week. I was tempted by several things but decided to make something to hang on our bathroom door (most of our doors have hangings of some description on them, mainly hearts but the bathroom one was still bare!). So, Saturday arrived, B's birthday as it happened, and after a brisk and lovely stroll around Chatsworth that morning, we came back home and I made this:

I dont think its come out as chunky as the one in the book but I copied it as it said and I was rather pleased with it as a first time Following A Proper Pattern effort! To be honest, sewing and machines are all still quite new and exciting terrain for me - I think it was probably comprehensive school the last time I was seriously involved in any form of textile design, so I plod on gently with this enjoyable pursuit, learning as I go.
On Sunday, after tornado autumnal winds of the previous day, we awoke to a calm blue morning that just beckoned to be a beach day. Now I consider myself to be fairly landlocked - but in truth, we can be at big sweeps of coastline within a couple of hours, and when armed with a good magazine, a bit of crochet and a chattering tot, this journey usually passes pretty quickly! So, after a quick chat we made up our minds to go, packed up a picnic full of crusty bread, ham, cheese, fruit and big chunks of birthday cake and headed off to Filey.
Filey is just down the east coast from Whitby and Scarborough, and it has the lovliest beach which seems to stretch for miles, and its made out of the best sandpie sand this side of St Ives :)
The sun shone all day, the wind was cool but it was warm enough for the Small Person in our party to take off her shoes and socks, and then her trousers and run in and out of the sandpools and the sea. We walked right up the sands, to the far end where the boats are moored up the pebbly ramp and enjoyed deep breaths of salty air and the sound of baby gulls mewing on the tideline.
We collected a few razorshells too, there were oodles of them strewn all over the place! Im going to try and make the candle decoration from that lovely Homemade book although mine will be somewhat more random than theirs as the shells were varying in size quite a bit!

There is something wistful about this time of the year, perhaps its just that Summer is passing and Autumn is beginning, which signifies the nights drawing in and the days becoming colder...Its a cosy feeling in some respects as its nice to snuggle up indoors, but I always sense a slight air of melancholy around this time, I hear it in the robin's song, and find it in the scent of the fading leaves as they whirl to the ground.
But its also a strangely alive time too, with promise of bonfires and pumpkin carving, toffee apple making and shopping for new mittens...

We had what is probably our last seaside fish and chip supper for a while, sitting on a bench high above the beach watching the waves breaking right up by the seawall, and by now almost covering the Brig (a rocky arm that juts out into the north sea from the cliffs on which you can walk if you are brave and daring and try and dodge the huge spray from the crashing waves). The next few weeks are busy ones, family visiting, a 60th birthday to celebrate, new illustration work to create (my work has been taken to London and the publishers who saw it want to be kept informed which sounds hugely positive), and the Candy Cane fair to prepare for.

Not to mention Bonfire Night, Halloween festivities and the like...!

I send you scarlet and gold leaves to cheer your day, a hot mug of ginger and orange tea, homemade fudge and a roaring fire.

See you soon, enjoy the little moments the most.

With love

J x


  1. Sounds like a totally beautiful day! I love your seahorse what a lovely idea. xxx

  2. Thank you Julia for a truly uplifting post! I am feeling a little wistful and melancholy today and slightly apprehensive. I feel comforted by your words and pictures and thoughts of all the good things to come. x p.s. You have made so many lovely crochet things and the seahorse is adorable!x

  3. hi julia,
    what a lovely lovely post!!
    what you did sunday is my kind of day,just bliss! sand,sea,sun,boats,birds & CHIPS!!
    looks like a lovely piece of coastline.
    sweet seahorse,i too have something hanging on every door,i dont like to waste space when there could be something beautiful occupying the space!! xx

  4. What a beautiful post, your description of your picnic sounded just like something out of the Famous Five!Your seahorse is great, i am still just admiring the pictures in my book! Your photos are lovely, what a peaceful beach you chose. As Simone says, a truly uplifting post. x x

  5. I remember Filey beach from decades ago, thanks for the memory! Toffee apple making... when will you be doing that please? And I love all your colourful crochet and that sea horse is a splendid chap.
    This'll make you smile (not a lot!) but it was only when I hit thirty-ish that I realised there actually were such things!

  6. Lovely photo's of Filey - my kids love it there. Your Seahorse is charming and perfect for a bathroom.

  7. A lovely post Julia. I love autumn and agree with you about the wistfulness it carries. It si such a beautiful time of year, though we have had such torrential rain here this week that it is hard to hold that thought. Sun today and the beauty shines out all around. Gorgeous pictures xx

  8. I must go to Filey, we live so near, I havent been since I was a very little girl...are ther any nice shops as well as the lovely beach?

  9. Beautiful photo's and good luck with your illustrations sounds exciting.x


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