Friday, 14 August 2009

Colour~Full Days

Ive been painting today. At last, after a couple of weeks of not doing, it feels marvellous to swirl my brushes in thick acrylic and sketch ideas furiously in my little book. I have felt quite at sea without my painting of late. Due to nasty cold bugs and family visiting, I just haven't been able to get down to work, but at last, I have and its been wonderful - and I wanted to share how its going with you all. Its not finished, not by a long way but lets call it a Work In Progress (by the way, the white blobs on the picture above are going to be sheep :)
Two little boys in their pyjamas are on a night time adventure, by the light of their lantern and the full moon, they head off in their basket propelled along by a large bunch of bright party balloons...
Im hoping to finish it before the work starts on our house. Next friday the skip arrives and me and the other half will be happily wielding heavy instruments and smashing vile 1970's decor to bits! Ha! We can't wait. However, it does mean that in the week or so that follows me and the Little One will be decamping to Mums house to escape the mess but the temporary accomodation will be welcome compared with what this place is going to look like when we get stuck in!

Well, talking of the Little One, we had a colourful time of it yesterday making bead bracelets. I was rather excited when Postie brought me a box from Amazon which contained a couple of books Id treated myself to, one being a Christmas Gifts to make and sew, the other being Homemade which I eagerly pounced on first, cup of tea in one hand, other wrapped around Little Daughter's middle as she lodged herself firmly on my lap to look at the pictures. At two years old, she's very involved in all things creative and exclaimed with delight at the heart shaped bracelet which you will come across within the first few pages, if you happen to have this gorgeous book yourself.
'Shall we make some?' I asked her.
'Yes, Ess, Yess!' she responded eagerly, and accompanied me upstairs to where I keep my bead making stash, helped me bring it all downstairs again and onto the lounge rug where she made jewel bright piles of different little beads. We were both rather delighted with the finished pieces, she picked out all the beads herself, and helped to thread them onto the elastic - I think I will treasure mine for a long while to come.
Meanwhile in the garden...the dahlia is something of a spectacle! I cannot believe how stunning this flower really is, the sunny golden glow within the pink of the petals reminds me of a sunrise, I could stare at it for hours.

Im off out for my tea in a minute, it being an Art Day, we are child free and we are going to a nice pub to indulge ourselves!
I hope you all have glowing weekends, full of sunshine and nice things.

And I hope to see you all again soon.
Sending love
J xxx


  1. i love the painting, its looking lovely! fliss xx

  2. hi julia, what a lovely post.x
    the painting is lovely so magical,you can imagine little boys in their pj's waking up at night & going on a wonderful balloon adventure. that is what childhood should be about magical times!
    have a super weekend,(i am still in my pj's,naughty).x

  3. Very much reminded me of the Raymond Briggs illustrations... lovely and gentle and perfect for a child's room. And wonderful that your little lovely is creative too, there's no such thing as starting too young, like with reading I think. And the dahlia is beautiful. Lovely post, and good luck with the demolition derby!

  4. Your new painting looks really lovely. You should illustrate childrens books. Hope the house bashing goes smoothly. Dont envy you that!! xxxx

  5. oh i know how you feel, the summer holiday means i haven't been as crafty as i would like, but having said that we have done lots of other fun things. Your painting looks delightful, can't wait to see it finished. Good luck with the house x x x noelle

  6. Love all your paintings, but this is my favourite so far. Magical.

    Made me laugh with the hexagons. Really refreshing to see someone else hopping around desperate to start on next project with new yummy wool. I have far too many things put to one side.

    Mrs Bun x

  7. Fab, enjoy your tea, and maybe a small glass of something?
    Love Helen x


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