Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A Moonlight Adventure

'A Moonlight Adventure'

Im all done. Whew! Its always a journey, painting a picture, and this one was no different to the rest in that it was completely enjoyable and fun, but not without the moments of pondering and glaring at it, before launching off on a rocket of an idea to add a bit more blue, to scuff it back a bit, then add some crayon marks and so on, before a familiar feeling of 'its almost done' began to settle.

I was quite determined that this picture would have a feeling of movement about it, that the viewer would have a birds eye view of the landscape that the little boys were sailing over in their balloon...do you think Ive managed to achieve that?

I used my old faithful acrylics for this piece (Daler Rowney Cryla) and sharp watercolour crayons, which come in hundreds of scrumptious shades.

This piece is going to be sent to the Agency, I was asked to do some illustrative pieces for them to add to the ones I already had - in all fairness that was only a handful as its only been the last few months which has seen a move into a more illustrative way of painting for me. However, I enjoy a challenge and Im now plotting what my next picture will be about, Im going to be trying hard to convey all manner of my capabilities along the next few months or so!

...on the crafting front...hmmm, confession coming up.
I am officially, a crochet harlot.
Yes, I have succumbed to yet another project, despite being in a fully fledged love affair with my big blanket and my hexagon throw, not to mention a granny square cushion cover, I am now also in the throes of passion with another cushion cover to boot - this time a plain double crochet effort in soft blue which I intend to adorn with several of my seablooms when its completed in its intended envelope style. I think I may have an addiction, and I can hear some of you giggling as you recognise these symptoms yourself - but isn't it just lovely to be able to pick and choose who you hang out with of an afternoon or evening, when you have an hour to spare or relax with? I love it.
My current obsession with all things cushiony stems from the huge changes we are starting (this very friday in fact) to make to our house. I have already picked the colour scheme (very light and bright in comparisson to its lurid terracotta sponge effect of now - (oh, I cant wait to share the photos with you all as we progress!) and seem to have an urgent need to make those necessary accessories which make a house a home, hence a few new cushion covers on the go, and throws etc.
I feel the need to get the kettle on, spend half an hour with my new love interest!!
I shall post as and when I get the opportunity over the next few weeks, as from friday me and Little Bean are camping at Mums and any time I spend here will no doubt see me in dust mask wielding a sledge hammer, or more serenely, slapping on the paint!
I wish you all a happy week, and hope to catch up soon.
Love Julia xxx


  1. hi julia,
    the finished product is lovely,were are they going over in their balloon,could it be somewhere in our wonderful cornwall?!! Good luck with the home improvements,have fun with the sledge hammer!! x

  2. Oh the painting is so lovely, you are really talented.. I love especially, the way the road suddenly drops out of view, makes you want to go down and see if there is a little witchy house tucked at the bottom of the hill; and the moonshadows are good too.
    And yes, I know that crochet harlot feeling... there is a book THE YARN HARLOT, I think it's called that, to do with knitting maybe?

  3. oh i so love that painting, its fab! good luck again with your house, can't wait to see the photos x x

  4. What a lovely picture - clever you ! And yes, the crochet addiction does not get any better....you'll be freeforming before you know it ! love Steph x

  5. Hello Julia
    Moonlight adventure is so beautiful! Will it be available as a print too?
    You must be so pleased with it. It has a wonderful feel to it.
    I understand that feeling with crochet, I have about 5 projects on the go at the moment and I am loving it! Funnily enough, we too are working on the house. Each room is being totally transformed. As we are doing the work ourselves, it is taking an age....
    Good luck with your plans.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  6. Thanks for your comments on mine - I have now just come over to see who you are and I have had a quick scroll through your previous blogs. I'll definitely be reading them all properly later and adding you to my list that I follow. I love the painting and yes you have succeeded in showing a bird's eye view of the landscape. Love it. Also love your crochet flowers on a previous post. Am sure the cushion will look great with some of those decorating it.


  7. I love the picture Julia, its really comforting and the colours are beautiful, gosh what a lot of projects....I have three on the go but I am concentrating on one at a time now otherwise I dont think I will finihs any and I have lots in the pipe line too...love the name crocheting harlot!

  8. How lovely is your painting...I adore the colors you use. Your paintings alway inspire me! I wish I knew how to crochet but I don't...my grandma alway had something on the go...I remembered she tried to teach me but I was a poor student..I think I would be more willing to learn now!

  9. I love the bunting around the basket! This is so cute. Good luck with the home improvements.

  10. Hi Julia, gorgeous picture and absolutely love the cushion, such a pretty colour, can't wait to see the finished item. Dev x

  11. lovely painting.
    I love the distance you have created.
    Have fun camping at your Mums.X

  12. Hello Julia! I have been away hence my lack of comments. The illustration is wonderful and yes you have captured the feeling of movement perfectly.x

  13. Hi Julia,
    Sorry I've not commented earlier, it's been a non stop summer. I hope yours has been fun filled? I love the new picture, I think you have definitely captured what you wanted to .. so much to look at and see.. they say every picture tells a story and this one really does..... I love it xxxx

  14. Just popping by to say i hope all is going well, if you manage to pop by before the 16 sept please join my giveaway

  15. Your painting is wonderful and I love the perspective from the balloon...such an adventure!

    Aahhh the crochet, addictive.... but I do love to see what you are making. This latest one sounds very interesting. Me...I've got the knitting bug at the moment.

    Jacky xox


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