Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Material Art

Having being gifted with a rather beautiful sewing machine this year, I decided to try and make a small picture for our home using scraps of vintage fabric, and I came up with a material version of my 'little red boat', (which you can see in my Moon Fishing and Dream Haven prints).
As well as this, work continues under cover of darkness on a new batch of paintings, the second one is about to be started after putting finishing touches to the first one earlier today. Im quite excited about how this work is evolving, and whilst it feels slow at times, slow is better than not at all.
Lots to do...Im away and will catch up with you again soon
J x

1 comment:

  1. what a cute little sewing project! I'm crap at sewing myself...always thought it was WAY too girly for me!

    it's so great to reconnect w/ you a bit! my life is in turmoil but I am still creating...

    my art blog is here:

    huge hugs


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