Friday, 27 February 2009

Fitting it all in

'Little Red, kite flying'

You know the trouble with being a creative person is that there is always something else you want to be doing. Whilst working on my most recent piece; 'Well & Joy' I found my mind drifting towards crochet projects after purchasing some beautiful hand made ceramic buttons from this lovely lady at Incy Wincy Stitches with which to adorn some crocheted corsages!

Anyway, before I drift off into a reverie of buttons, cashmerino wool and the like, I felt I had to share my illustration piece with you, and in all its completed glory, here it is!! You can see a bigger version here.


'Well & Joy - the finished piece'

Id love to hear any comments you might have about my new work!
So, as is quite usual for me, I now have several projects on the go at once. There are neither enough hours in a day or enough days in a week to get everything done, but its ok. Its actually the delicious thoughts of creating all these lovely things that make the journey of life worth travelling. Corsages, illustration work, childrens art workshops, hand crafted cards...its all these little bursts of inspiration that make the duller parts glow. To overcome the frustration of perhaps bursting at the seams with so many things I want to do (and future projects include making a book bag with some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric and a blind for our kitchen) I have to make notes of my ideas whilst they're fresh in my head, maybe scrapbook some pictures from magazines etc too.
With the ideas and thoughts safely down in the art journal, I can happily return to wiping small jammy hands, laundry and other dismal sounding chores.
Its all about sparkling from the inside.

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