Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Nocturnal Art

'Serenading the moon' ~ oil pastel on board

Im becoming a night owl. Time is becoming so rare at the moment for art that I resorted to buying a daylight bulb so I could spend time working at night. The results of one of my nightly art fests can be seen above, it took a few days (or rather a day and several evenings) and was a delicious and tactile piece of work where I used oil pastels, crayons, ink, brushes and fingers!
I love the texture that you can get from working in oil pastel ~ on some parts I didn't work so thickly so there are glimpses of white board showing through the colour. In other places I added layer upon layer and then scratched back to reveal colour underneath before painting gently over some parts with a little turpentine to dilute the oil pastel and create a more painterly effect.
When the work had air dried a bit (and I say 'a bit' because oil pastels don't really dry through) I went back to it and worked some coloured ink into the picture with brushes. This created a nice scratchy effect as my brush was a very old and trusty hog, guaranteed to make good bristly marks in the pastel into which the ink seeped and stained wonderfully. Excess ink was mopped up with tissues and smudged in with fingers.
As well as this, Ive been using my sewing machine to create some textile pictures which I intend to turn into cards at some point. Its hard to tear myself away from my work and take myself off to bed sometimes and its sheer torment to have to admit (through practically closed eyes and alot of yawning) that I really have to stop and pick up again the following night....too many hours in between doing other very necessary things seem to drag until I can let myself loose on my art again.
Counting down the hours til tonight, when small ones sleep and time becomes my own again...
J x

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