Thursday 10 February 2011

And Still I Dream of the Sea

That Oh So Familiar Feeling has begun to stir again.  A feeling for the sea, being near it, inhaling it, walking in it, watching it...

However, as most of you know I am landlocked in a really pretty part of the North and I'm absolutely not complaining about where my little abode is, but you know how it is.

So...a deviation occured.  I was all set to work on my newest Spring Garden canvas when I got an inkling to paint a harbour with a fishing, not just an inkling, a great big enormous urge.
Sometimes, you just have to follow the whim that is leading you and if it feels good, trust that the outcome will be too.

Laying down that dark blue wash was wonderful - how I LOVE painting with these colours!  Adding the first layer of turquoise acrylic for the sea...oh my...I've also taken to wearing turquoise quite alot lately too - a tibetan turquoise pendant, and a new scarf; the most beautiful shade of soft jade you ever saw - these things remind me of the sea... do those lovely ocean colours on my palette!  It makes me ever so slightly dippy with happiness to see them there together!  And, I must confess to never, ever cleaning it.  That palette has served me well for several years now and is quite a weight, a build up of leftover paint from countless paintings I've worked on.

I've been working away in my state of usual organised chaos with these cheerful daffodils and tulips alongside me, which have really brightened things up.  Nothing like a nice jam jar of spring blooms to remind me that the warmer weather is on it's way!

Well, I suppose you might be wondering if I've got a finished painting to share with you today?

You'd be dead right - I have.  Want to see it?


I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of you thought 'Now hang on just a minute...that looks ever such a little bit like a rather nice arty fishing village somewhere in the north of Cornwall....'

Yes, I was inspired to use a few elements of St Ives harbour for this painting, but the whole thing was painted very much from the imagination and is rather a pastiche of old sketches I've done of boats and little houses over the years, entwined with elements of reality.

I had a wonderful time painting this piece; I worked with fairly watery acrylic paint to create layers and lifted parts of it off the paper with tissues to give depth and texture.  I also used sandpaper when dry to scuff bits of it up here and there, and my trusty watercolour crayons to add a bit of definition and line.  I also dug out an old typewriter style stamp set, to make the number for the boat - love it!! What do you think?

I'm going to be adding this piece to my gallery shop very shortly, and will be doing a signed print run too ~ let me know if you would like to pre-order this print won't you!
*Edited to add, it's now in the gallery shop and up for sale!

Well, I have much to do this afternoon, it being a Small Person Free Zone, so I'm away!
Thank you so much for stopping by, and also - Big Welcome Hello's to all the new Followers and Subscribers, I'm delighted you have taken the time to drop in and see me!

Have a marvellous day, sending you sunshine, salt breezes and turquoise waves....

'til next time,
Julia x


  1. You set me off hankering after being in St Ives harbour now! Great painting Julia xxxx

  2. *big sigh* Julia, how I too wish to be buy the sea. Luckily it's not too far to get to but still.....
    I love you new painting, the blues are amazing!
    One day we shall have to meet up and sit outside our tents, drinking tea and eating cake, looking out onto a sea view.

  3. I was down there this very morning!!! Lovely painting Julia a sure favourite for me!! xx

  4. Wonderful painting, I just love the simplicity of your work, it's almost like you see it with a child's eye, and I mean that in a complimentary fashion, nothing rude. Still, it will be nice to see the new works.....

  5. Such a pretty painting Julia!
    I had a trip to the seaside myself this week! Living where we live you're never far from the sea, if you need a fix!!
    Vivienne x

  6. I don't know how you do it, that is a lovely painting. I tried painting in Guache (or however you spell it) yesterday and got rather bored waiting for layers to dry - when they had little sweetpea had turned all the paints into one big brown/black blob - fun times :-)

  7. Oh clever you! That is so beautiful - it makes me want to go to St Ives - although really Whitby is my favourite!

  8. I love the sea too. Love your new picture. Sooo beautiful. Thanks for your tutorial on sea pennies. They look so lovely. Can't wait to see the finished result. x

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous painting Julia. Your talent is amazing! I really hanker for the sea too. I often feel these grey days would be so much more bearable if I could walk along the beach in them rather than on the streets! Maybe one day!

    I ADORE turquoise too, in every shade. It is a colour that really lifts my spirits. I wear it almost everyday in the summer.

    I hope that you got to have a great rest of small person free time!!!!!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  10. I LOVE this picture, I really do!! And I would love a print please! St Ives is a special place for me - and this picture really captures the feeling. I'll be back to have another peep at it soon! Helen x

  11. Hi Julia
    I love the layered paint and the textures and tones it creates. What a wonderful end result.
    Jo x

  12. There is something so wonderful about your paintings Julia, love the turquoise and contrasting red of this one, how I too wish I lived by the sea! The typewriter style stamp you've used for the numbers is lovely too, where did you get it? I could do all sorts with a stamp like that! xxx

  13. I love your new painting Julia, it's lovely to be reminded of the sea, I think we sense the whiff of spring in the air! xx

  14. beautiful painting. i love seeing your palette too :-)

  15. Julia I just LOVE these two new paintings...the depth of colour is just beautiful and such gorgeous, happy imagery. Your love of the seaside is very evident in these paintings and I love your naive style.

    Just beautiful.

    Jacky xox

  16. Oh lovely!

    We are off to cornwall at Easter & it really cannot come soon enough.... But your lovely picture will do till then.


  17. Thank you..I receive all those salty salutations! Yesterday I was sea dreaming too and made a sea cushion..I am missing it..haven't been all's been so rainy!

  18. Oh sea side and picnics, loving the new painting xx

  19. Hello Julia! I love your painting! All the 'deep' colours are so fantastic and they give strong feeling about the sea and the beach! I haven't been there but after seeing different photos and works from the place I was thinking could it be St Ives.
    Now when seeing your palette I want to fill my table with the oil colours and start to paint!
    Sunny weekend! xxx Teje

  20. Hi Julia! many thanks for visiting Apples and Pears and becoming my 50th follower. It is my 50th birthday next week (yikes!) and I was hoping I would get to number 50 by then, so thank you!

    PS Love your work! xx

  21. Oh your gorgeous painting is top of my wish list, it makes me think of wonderful days spent in St Ives, the colours are just perfect.

  22. Love the painting and it's bright fresh colours! xoxo

  23. Love the freshness of the St Ives painting - brilliant


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