Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Island Life

A snapshot of my summer....

Two weeks on an island, staying at a house nestled in the countryside with views over to the solent beyond the trees.  It was peaceful, restorative, and beautiful.

There was architecture and great old buildings to admire...

The island was colourful, yet slow paced.  It was contemporary yet traditional.  We enjoyed lazy beach days, long breakfasts in beach-side cafes and discovering wonderful shops in the towns and villages.

Discovering surprises around each corner...

Steps leading down to crystal clear water...the sea was so beautiful and constantly inviting...

The views were amazing...

We could have stayed forever.

Holidays are sometimes for realising dreams.  For years I have wanted to go kayaking, and on our last day on the island, I did.  The sun was hot, it was the most peaceful feeling as we gently made our way over the waves.  We sailed over forests of seaweed, long burgundy ribbons swaying in the currents below.  The water was so very clear and I found myself often gazing over the side of our kayak, to the sandy bottom below where sunlight rippled across rocks and sand, through seaweed and shoals of fish.

Home now, we are so happy to have spent such a relaxing and nourishing time together on the island.
As summer starts to ebb away, work begins again, and normal life is resumed, yet those memories of a beautiful place remain.


  1. Beautiful Jules.
    So pleased you enjoyed your holiday on that very special island.
    K x

  2. Sounds like it was a recipe for a great holiday..lovely pictures too. Maria x

  3. Lovely beautiful holiday, Never saw sea/ocean except on movie but we do go to river beach http://goodmorningbeautyful.blogspot.com/2015/03/yesterday-on-sunday.html

  4. Oh you are making me sooooo jealous right now...

    Cheers Fi


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