Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer Cottage

I found a rare afternoon by myself, when the little one was away at her friend's house for a play and I was left with a sudden space in my day to fill.  Not inclined to tackle the usual chores (which mysteriously manage to get happily ignored during the holidays) I moved towards my paints - such a while since I did any painting - and I ended up finishing this summer scene of a cottage and it's garden, bursting with colourful blooms.

I worked on Hahnemuhle paper using acrylic and collage.  With Six Music on in the background, the sun streaming through the window and a generous mug of green tea to hand, I had a rather lovely afternoon of it.  I sometimes forget the joys that working with paint brings, and after an absence it is always a delicious feeling to be squeezing out honey thick paint onto my palette, to dunk a brush into a jam jar of clean water, to make those first marks on the paper.

I think it would be nice to offer this image as prints, so look out on the website soon for these, as well as the original which will also be availalbe to purchase. 

See you soon,
J x


  1. It's gorgeous Julia, really beautiful.
    So glad you are finding time to enjoy your creative outlet.
    Jacquie x

  2. That's really lovely, I'm a really tree and flowers and greenery sort of person. A cottage or two is nice as well.

  3. ¡Un lugar para soƱar!. Lovely.

  4. I love It... It is like my home with these flowers but my house is yellow.. and I have exactly 2 chickens. So nice..
    Miss xx

  5. Here you are! I have been looking on Google+ Community for you and haven't seen anything for over a year. Your art is so lovely and I missed your posts. xoxo Janet

  6. I sent you a comment recently, did you get it?


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