Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Little Moment

I was in Bath a couple of days ago, we had met up with some friends and taken our children off to Longleat.  Before we went home, we stopped in this beautiful city for a few hours, and upon our wanderings we stumbled upon The Whistlefish Gallery.

You may or may not know that a while ago, some of my images were licensed to be sold as greetings cards by this art company, who have galleries throughout the south west of England.

I went inside, spotted the Christmas card stand, and suddenly, there they were.  Just like that, right in front of me amongst a collection of other festive images...three of my own wee pictures.

It's a rather lovely and strange moment seeing your work published and for sale in a real live gallery for the first time.  I've had real paintings in galleries and that is a spectacular feeling, but seeing your work printed as cards, and knowing that people might perhaps come in and buy them and send them to someone special, and to different little corners of the globe, well, that's pretty special.

Thanks to everyone at Whistlefish and Emma at The Paintbox for making one of my dreams come true.

PS - you can currently get 15 cards for just £6 - available in the shops and online at their lovely new website.


  1. I can remember many years ago now, a rather smart gallery in a very smart village (popular with the Chelsea set as a weekending sort of place) stocking my handmade cards. I may not have sold them all but the idea that others would pay for them and who knew where they would end up, was thrilling, so good for you. They are so pretty, sure to sell well.

  2. I've bought some of your cards - they're wonderful. The only problem is I'm going to find it very hard to give them away!

  3. Good for you Julia!! It must have been truly exciting to find them there. Have a lovely weekend, Pati x

  4. Hi, How wonderful to have your pictures made into cards. Imagining who will write in them, what will they write, who to and where will they be displayed? Wow exciting. I guess you must be pretty busy. I keep bobbing by to see if you've left a new post. I've been reading your blog for a long while but never left a comment before. Just want to say hope all is well and hope you have a lovely Christmas. Caroline

  5. Lovely pictures!


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