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2013 Blueprint - how to make your dreams real in an instant

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Happy 2013 to you.

As a new year dawns and unfolds, it's a time when people start making resolutions.  A new year is a natural new beginning, and a time to turn inward to look at our deepest dreams, hopes and desires.  And as we begin to feel excited about the future, we begin to make goals.  We begin to dream about what life will be like as we journey through our new year; how things that we have long yearned for will suddenly become a reality...except....except...

...except it very often doesn't.

The trouble that I've had with goals in the past is that they've always been so damn far away in that just out of reach future of mine.  And to be perfectly truthful, most of my goals were things that floated around in my head, I never put the energy into making them happen because they felt too huge, too far away and too impossible.

Hmmmm....does this resonate with any of you?

I had a wake up call recently, I realised that although I did what I loved for a living, had a nice home and a smashing family, I was mostly plodding on through my life without making conscious choices to improve it.  One year would meld itself into the next and nothing would change.  I started to feel stuck, bored, slightly depressed and experienced feelings of IS THIS IT???

Disillusioned with far off goals that never seemed to materialise I decided that I had to start working with the small stuff first, the day to day stuff.  I knew I could start to improve all areas of my life and make changes to things that didn't feel so good anymore.  We're forever growing and expanding as people, so it stands to reason that at some point we're going to outgrow certain habits, ways of doing things, ways of being.

I needed a way to get the ball rolling so that I could see instant results (for that feel good factor) and that meant working with smaller goals that I could make actionable immediately.  I decided that each day would be a blueprint of happy inducing things, and that instead of living with one foot in the past and one foot in the future I would try and remain poised in my present and enjoy the 24 hours that I'd been gifted with in the best ways possible.

I can apply my blueprint to all areas of my life ~ family, work, leisure, self study, diet and exercise; and I can choose the best of every option available to me, the options that make me feel good, that will make my day happy and fulfilled and become a blueprint for the future.  By choosing things that feel like the Best Choice for me, I am setting a pattern for the future - and if at any time my blueprint feels out of kilter with what makes me feel good, then I can just tweak it to suit.  My new habits will become a natural way of living in time and as I come to expect the best from each day, life seemingly gets bigger and better.  When we raise our expectations of what we want from life, life will deliver.

Creating a new blueprint for your life need not cost much money - you might decide that you want to just feel happier each day and start keeping a gratitude journal to write about all the stuff that lights you up.  A commitment to eating healthier one day at a time doesn't have to cost much more than what you spend on your groceries now and the pressure of a diet disappears when you're living consciously one day at a time.  You won't need to spend a fortune on a  fancy gym membership that costs the earth to commit to a bit of daily exercise - start walking, get yourself a workout DVD to do at home or find a local class that you can attend, and family time will become much more enriching when you become present and focus upon the time spent together, one day at a time.

Commit to it, and create your blueprint for 2013, one day at a time.

However, a word about Big Goals That Live in the Future...


I still have plenty of long term goals, they're sitting on my radar and they give me something to positively aim for alongside being happier and more fulfilled on a daily basis.  I'm going to be having my first solo exhibition this year, at the Studio 61 Gallery in Derbyshire this May.  This is a BIG dream of mine that I've had for eons and suddenly the opportunity was presented to me to make it come true.  However, to achieve this dream (because it ain't gonna manifest on it's own), I have to invest both energy and action - this comes from integrating the painting time into my daily blueprint, and then taking action to make it happen.

And I think that's the magic word - action.  Goals and dreams are wonderful things to have and to aim for, but we need to take action to make them real - they very rarely happen as if by magic, there's generally some input needed from us.  For some, these actions feel insurmountable or nigh on impossible, but by breaking it all down into small and achievable chunks, you can get there.

One day at a time.

Take your dream or your goal, and break it down into chunks.  Ask yourself what you need to do to achieve your goal and then write down how you best can do it.  And while you journey towards your big goal, start creating your daily blueprint and see how things instantly change for the better.

I hope your 2013 shines for you, and becomes your best yet.



  1. Everyone keeps asking me what my 2013 resolution is. When I tell them it's simply to use less paper towels, they laugh as if I should have this grandiose plan to redefine myself. Baby steps I say...

    I took a Franklin Covey time management class once where they teach you to put no more than three things at a time on your to do list. Getting to a simpler way of living is certainly one of the keys to more happiness.

  2. This is such an inspiring post. Congratulations on your first solo exhibition, I am an admirer of your work.
    Wish you the best.

  3. So true. One day at a time and enjoy living in the moment. Looking forward to hearing about the exhibition. x

  4. Good luck with Exhibition!

  5. This is an inspiring post. And as I read it I knew what it was I wanted to do this year.
    Thank you.

  6. Thats exciting news Julia - let us know when and where and I'll have a visit. (and I'm sure Nic B will accompany me too!) xxx

  7. hello and Happy New Year lovely Julia. A great post and very much in line with my thinking. Very excited about the year to come! x

  8. Love reading your posts Julia, They're always very inspiring with lots of food for thought.
    Good luck with the exhibition but most of all enjoy it :-)


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