Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Painting Summer

After a rather wet Summer here, I sit at my easel and I'm noticing that Autumn is approaching; creeping in quietly and unobtrusively.  I notice in a sudden gust of wind a spiral of crisp leaves whirling to the ground.  I see that it's ever so slightly darker than usual in the mornings when we get up, and there's a chill come early evening.

September also sees the little people toddling off to school again, and a wistful feeling pervades the air.  I was in Brighton recently and walked past WH Smiths, I was instantly transported back in time to my own childhood; the smell of that shop reminds me of going to buy new pencil cases and pens, ring binder folders and wrapping paper to cover our exercise books with.  September is very much a time of New Beginnings, and with my girl back at school now, I can turn my attention to my painting again, and capture the essence of Summer on my mini canvas work.  My latest piece is this ever so tiny offering (above) ~ just 9 x 7cm!  It's called 'Cream Tea' and depicts the perfect scenario of a jam and clotted cream scone overlooking a sparkling turquoise sea.

Over the last few weeks, I've had the pleasure of creating several mini canvas commission pieces featuring things all seaside related - so to remind you of warm days with toes in the sand and boats on the ocean, here are a few of them for you to see:

Tea by the Sea

Camper Van

Lighthouse and Boat

So, with the wee one back in school, Im settling into my own routine again.  I've been updating my website a bit and I've finally got a gloriously colourful gallery store front which I'm chuffed to bits with!  I hope you like it too :)

I find now and then, that I'll have a burst of ideas, and they present themselves at the strangest moments when I've no way of doing anything with them.  The idea to do this to my web shop happened when I was 100 metres up the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

The children thought the glass floor was a hoot by the way...

...yes, those small things below really are boats.

But anyway - what to do when inspiration strikes and you can't act on it straight away?

I creatively percolate it.

This means day dreaming about my idea regularly, and by doing this,  it gives it the capacity to grow and transform into something bigger and better.

I also write my ideas down in a small book.  This is very useful for me to come back to, as it captures the essential buzz I had about the idea in the first place and gives me a starting point to work from when time has passed and the idea has become a little fuzzy around the edges, or even forgotten.  It's also a positive way of recording things that I can't get to do right off, and that feel important.  It's easy to feel frustrated or impatient when you can't work on your Next Big Thing right off, so harness that energy and use it to creatively percolate your idea instead.  You can use this energy to shape your idea into something bigger and brighter and all you need invest is just a few minutes doing so.  Your imagination is a poweful tool and you can use it to expand and change your vision into anything you want.  You'll know you're on the right track because you'll get that fizzy feeling of excitement in your belly about it.

Using these tools, the web page I finally designed was something much better than what I first pictured.

Try it.

One last thing before I go ~ many thanks to all of you who answered my short survey which appeared on the last blog post, Im very grateful that you took the time to do that and appreciate your feedback.

See you all soon,



  1. Just the photo looking down through the glass floor brought on the collywobbles!
    Love the camper van painting, and the boat and lighthouse especially.
    Lovely colourful paintings to evoke the warm sunny days we had, even though most of them have been overshadowed by the more frequent wet ones!

  2. I love to see your cheerful sea-side pictures and I too miss the sea when I'm back in the City so I'm working on a big ocean inspired canvas today. I've posted the beginnings on my blog :)
    The glass floor looks amazing, I'd like to see it, although I'd be very scared!
    Jess x x

  3. Love your canvas pieces! : ) And after a super hot Italian summer, I finally moved to Sweden, where Autumn hasn't arrived yet - chilly days, but still a lot of sunshine. : )
    Wish you a lovely and peaceful Autumn!
    Big hugs,


  4. Love these! What cheery pictures.... If I owned a beach house this would be perfect!

  5. Julia,
    I love your work, especially the camper van! No, all of them are perfect!

  6. Love your mini canvas paintings Julia and hey a visit to my home town! Hope you liked good old Pompey, we love our tower. I get all wibbly wobbly on that glass floor, but on a clear day the view is spectacular even if I say so myself!

  7. Lovely to see your new paintings! And thank you for your inspiring words once again! I am continually frustrated that I can't get to new projects and inspirations straight away and many just dwindle to nothing...are forgotten...leading to frustration. So, the idea of having a notebook handy and thinking of the time as as a time to creatively percolate is totally inspired. Thank you!

  8. Lovely pictures, the colours are amazing!!! Not sure I would brave the glass floor though!

  9. Hi Julia, I have just come across your blog, and saw the Spinniker in Portsmouth. I was born there in 1941 and lived there intil I was 20. Then I moved around Europe and have finally settled in Tenessee USA. My Mother lived in the High Street in Old Portsmouth most of her life. I was there two years ago when she passed away. Anyways, I just wanted say that it was just so good to come across your blog. Blessings to you and your Family. From Chrissie Reese


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