Monday, 2 April 2012

Colourful Days

It's one of those days here, the sort you have when the school holidays commence that involve lots of lounging, tv watching, cake eating, tea slurping and general pockets of laziness interspersed with the odd chore that needs quickly doing.

To tell you the truth, we're not in the best of health here at the moment.  We've all had, and still have the most tremendously vile head cold.  I'm writing to you from the fuzz of a cloud that is pretending to be a brain.  I am listless and feeling rather bleurgh so this gentle pace of not doing much at all suits me very well.

Anyway, before I explain about the little picture above, lets back track a bit - I've a few colourful events to fill you in on because due to the head cold, I've been ever so slightly absent in Blogland of late and have some much needed catching up to do.

On Saturday, March the 24th I was up Exceptionally Early and away on a train to London, to the Country Living Fair!!!  It was a gorgeously warm day, full of sunshine, blue sky and laden with the promise of adventure!

I've not been to London by myself since before my daughter was born, so to say it was an exciting event would be putting it mildly.  It was actually doubly exciting because when I finally got there I met the ever so lovely Kate Brazier from Kate Creates.   We hit it off straight away and spent a great day together.  I first got to know Kate through her Facebook page, and meeting her for real was a lovely thing to do. 

It was also my first visit to the Fair and I wasn't disappointed - it was chock full of beautiful things and very inspiring.  I came away with a few souveniers - a beautiful ceramic bowl and spoon, a wooden hare, some turquoise earrings and a green bead bracelet but it wasn't all shopping!!  We also went to the business seminar hosted by Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation - now there's a woman who can inspire you!  She had plenty of interesting things to say in just half an hour and I must recommend her book Turn Your Talent into a Business which I bought when I came home ~ if you have the slightest inclination that you'd like to turn your hobby into a business then this is the book for you :)  I love creative business books; I seem to have gathered quite a collection of them over time and this has some fabulous guidance in it for folks just starting out as well as those who are already running a business.

The day went surprisingly fast and it was soon time to say goodbye and head for the station.  Walking through Islington it felt very summery, the streets were full of people and the sun was lovely and warm. 

Waiting for my train I admired the lovely architecture of St Pancras - I also admired the shops - they had a Cath Kidston, White Company and Neals Yard to wander around and I had plenty of time to spend browsing before my train left.

It was absolutely one of the nicest days, and it ended in the loveliest way too - as the train was pulling into Sheffield I spied my other half and my little girl walking down the platform.  I don't think I've ever seen such a Big Smile, and had such a Big Hug as the one I got from her when I stepped down from that train!  It was a really wonderful day out, but it was oh so very lovely to be home again!

A few days later, I decided to investigate the art of Decopatch.  I had seen a Decopatch stand at the Fair and been quite curious about it, but didn't get around to buying anything there and then.  You see, I had a Plan.  It was one of those plans that had been bubbling for a while and it came from a photograph that I'd spied in this book - I wanted to create a feature wall in our dining room, full of photographs and Bits & Bobs to liven it up a bit, to add a bit of colour and interest...

So eventually, after a bit of reading up on the subject I decided to purchase a few Decopatch items which would help my Plan come to life.  I chose three wooden letters, which are the initials of each of the people who live in our house: One for me, one for him and one for Small.

I then chose some pretty papers, and picked out a little tub of glue and a brush.  This decopatch lark is really very easy and really quite addictive.  There is something very satisfying about glueing lots of little bits of pretty paper onto something, and making something eyecatchingly wonderful and different.

The exciting part came when they were dry, and I could dot them about amongst my pictures:

It's not quite finished, I'm also going to be adding a pretty plate or two, and some other trinkets.  But I like how it's looking so far :)

I'll let you know when it's all finished :)

I was going to tell you where we went yesterday, but I think I need a nice cuppa and a bit of a rest so i'll pop back later in the week to tell you all about that.  It's nice.  It's about the seaside.

See you soon lovelies, 
J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. sorry to hear you've not been well. looks like you had a lovely time at the fair and your letters are oh so pretty x

  2. Hi JuliaWhat a lovely day you had and so nice to meet a fellow blogger, London is always so much better when the sun shines. Your letters look great, brilllant idea.look forward to hearing about the seaside.Jillx

  3. What a great day out - I am v envious! xxxx

  4. These letters are lovely Julia! Thanks! I might try it one day (when I find the right letters somewhere)

  5. Looks like fun! And great pictures!

  6. Sorry to hear you have been ill, I hat the foggy head that goes with those vile colds. I hope you are feeling better very soon.I love your pretty letters and your wall is looking lovely.Rest up,Anne xx

  7. Julia, lovely post as always, even when you are not feeling so great! Love the live colors you use, so cheery! Hope you feel better soon, you always cheer my days...♥Kerrie

  8. Hi Julia, I do hope that you soon well! Also here so many have had a difficult flu this winter.You have made fantastic letters - I love letters! You must have had great time! x Teje

  9. Love your colourful letters and beautiful photos! Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Thats such a coincidence! I have just used that exact paper to cover some gifts for my flowergirls! I had my first go at the stitch and craft fair a few weeks ago and brought the papers home with me!Great minds think alike eh?!

  11. Hi again Julia ..... just been to Hornsea with you, but now discover that you and I have something in common ..... not just fish and chips, seasides, hooking and Yorkshire ... but Decopatch ..... I LOVE it! If you have time to pop over to my blog, see my coat hangers and my pictures .. other bits and bobs as well. I am just about to start to cover a rather large box.I do enjoy your blog!!!Val xx

  12. Catharina Maria23 April 2012 at 14:14

    Love the letters , sweet and colorful !Love ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands

  13. Oh I love those letters with the family snaps - what a great idea!
    Great inspiration.

    Fleur xx


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