Thursday, 1 December 2011

Being Creative Gallery ~ November


Welcome to the Being Creative Gallery Check In for November.  The theme for November was....


Before I launch the gallery link I just want to apologise for not getting an inspiring email support letter out to you this month.  November has been Bursting-at-the-Seams-Busy and before I knew where I was, it was almost Gallery day again.  Somehow I bypassed the part in my To Do Book which said 'Being Creative Email' and sailed forth.  This has taught me that sometimes with even the best intentions, we sometimes cock up and forget stuff, and that's OK, it shows how spendidly human we are I think!

I hope you have managed to find some inspiration for the theme, and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to!  

If you have a piece of work you would like to post in the Gallery this month, then you are welcome to add your link using the widget at the bottom of this post.  The link must lead back to a picture of relevant work, either on your blog or on your Flickr or photo hosting account (I do ask that you please don't link back to any online market place, such as Etsy or Folksy, thank you).

The Flickr Group is also open to post your images on a daily basis, while this gallery will be open from 1 - 31st December.  You can easily access any of the gallery pages from the link in the right hand side bar.

Don't forget, you can still sign up to receive the Being Creative Newsletter, which I send out once a month.  You will receive a free mini Being Creative e-book with this, along with links to some blog entries that you may find inspiring, and which may help you get started on your creative journey.  Although there's only one more theme this year, you are still welcome to sign up and join if you haven't already by clicking the tab at the top of the page.

The theme for December is...


Thank you so much for taking part, I look forward to seeing your Vintage inspired work!

Julia x x x


  1. Hi Julia! Nice to hear from you! This was difficult theme and I didn't make anything. Can we already add photos to flickr with the next theme: winter?
    Have a wonderful December!
    xxx Teje

  2. Yes Teje, of course you can!


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