Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Rather Hooky Ta~Dahhhhhhhhhh!

It's finished!!

At long last, my Japanese Flower Scarf is completed!  I finished it last week but the weather has been so drab and grey here for days on end it has been difficult to photograph it.  Anyway, today the fog cleared for a few glorious hours and I managed to take a few pictures for you.  It was made from remnant balls of wool that were left over from my Rainbow Ripple Blanket; it's mostly Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK with the odd bit of aran here and there.  It's lovely and soft, and surprisingly warm, what with all those holes!

It's a feast of colour...

...I am smitten!

And I am also pleased to share with you that my other scarf, my Stripy Rainbow Bliss one is also completed.  I spent a long while the other afternoon sewing in all the ends; you may recall me not so long ago sharing some WIP photographs with you:

To be fair, it doesn't look that much different now it's actually finished off properly, it's just a little bit longer than it was.

I'm well and truly kitted out for the cold weather now, lots of soft warm woolly goodness to wrap around myself...I'm actually kind of looking forward to the colder days now so I have an excuse to wear them!

And of course with two projects done and dusted, it doesn't stop there.  I have embarked on another Japanese Flower shawl! There is something so lovely and cosy about shawls and I've developed a bit of a need for them around the house; they're so practical and yet so comforting.  I trawled the internet for a while, looking for another pattern but something kept on bringing me back to the Japanese Flower one.  It's so easy, so quick...and it wasn't long before I remembered something Vanessa did here.  I was all fired up with enthusiasm for this idea and before too long made an excuse to visit my local yarn emporium (aka John Lewis).  I came home very happy with a brand new yarn stash...isn't that one of life's little pleasures?  No, it's actually a Great Big One.

And so here are my colours ~ a dark peaty grey, a vanilla cream and soft purpley heather shade.  The wool is a gorgeously soft, chunky merino by Wendy.  I'm rather glad it wasn't super expensive either as it seems to disappear quite fast (it been made on a No.6 hook).  I haven't used this particular brand before but I'm quite happy with it so far, and the shawl (due to the thickness of the wool) is growing at a satisfying speed!

It's been a pretty creative time here this week what with all this hookyness and my on-going purges of decluttering.  In the middle of said decluttering a favourite painting was rediscovered.  Tucked away for safe keeping during our decorating renovations a couple of years back I had actually (believe it or not) forgotten all about it!  It's an acrylic painting on a box canvas, and goes by the name of Yorkshire Snow:

I am wondering if it may make a rather nice Christmas Card, as an alternative to the illustrative ones I have on sale...?  

...I could perhaps temporarily re-name it, to make it more appealing to everyone...maybe 'Winter Snow' instead of 'Yorkshire Snow' - what do you think?

And it may also work rather well as a print.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Anyway, I've just noticed that I shouldn't be here - I need to be getting my bod off to Zumba!!  Thanks so much for popping in to see me! 

Sending love to you

Julia x x x


  1. Yet again (for like the millionth time) I find myself wishing I could crochet properly! This shawl is just perfect, and it looks so warm! Such a lovely Ta-dah :D

  2. The picture is gorgeous, you should do it as a card but don't crop that sky out, that is what makes it.

    Your scarf looks very pretty and colourful and you new shawl will keep you warm for years!

  3. Totally love the scarves, well done.

  4. Beautiful scarves both, they do look cosy!

    Really like the picture, it's funny how the title of something can sway someone's liking of something, I've found with my painting that if a title is to 'personalised' then people say oh I don't know where that is....funny how a potential buyer thinks!

    I love yarn shopping......so exciting thinking of new projects!

  5. Fabulous hookie time splendor. and I adore your pictures of winter too.

  6. Oh dear. I realize I haven't come by in a loooong time. Not good. I see you've been busy. Delightfully busy. Adore your scarf. What a neat pattern! I wanna give that a go. It looks incredibly cozy and cuddly and the washed out colors (as I's like to call them) are terrific for this time of year. And I do love your latest drawing... It talks to me. I think it is the dirt road and the gate that does it. That is my happy place, a dirt road with a gate to sneak under to reach adventure and beautiful nature... Aaaaahhh. You do it so well. Lovely to be back here. I'll be back soon again I promise. ♥♥♥ Annette

  7. I have a Japanese shawl on my 'to do very soon list' Yours is stunning and the new one looks just as lovely. I love your other scarf too, if it gets really chilly you could wear them both together. Something I do alot!!!!
    As for you lost art, GORGEOUS JUST GORGEOUS. It would make a beautiful Christmas card, It would make a beautiful print, so glad you found it. ♥

  8. Wonderful scarves, aren't you clever, can't get into crochet myself!! Lovely painting too, as always xx

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous! Love all your hooky stuff (I am going to have to copycat you) and yes I think Winter Snow would be more general etc etc. Wonderful painting. x

  10. Julia ~ Both the scarves are beautiful and look very cosy! Love the snowy picture too and it would make a great Christmas card ~ winter snow seems the way to go :O)xx

  11. I just had my Japanese flower scarf out this morning, I still have to block it. I love yours =-) Mine is made of the same colors as Lucy's. And the new shawl is going to be great! I love your new yarn colors. As for the painting, it is so lovely. I like the name as is. Such a beautiful scene and so well done. It definitely would make a fantastic Christmas card!

  12. The shawl and scarf look beautiful, it must be great to be able to rustle up something entirely unique!
    I think your painting is beautiful, I really love that snowy sky. It does remind me of Yorkshire though, with those low, straight walls across the dales, so I don't think I'd rename it.

  13. Beautiful scarves the pattern is very addictive isn't it I fancy making another one too one day soon. I just love your painting I love snow and it looks so Christmassy and peaceful it would make a wonderful Christmas card.

  14. Your crochet is so lovely, both the flower shawl and the scarf...they look so soft and cosy and the colours are gorgeous. (I often make the same pattern again if I'm pleased with it, too.)
    I also love your Yorkshire snow painting and think it would make a wonderful evocative Christmas card design, and calling it Winter Snow would be perfect. Enoy your new crochet, Julia, and have a cosy week.
    Helen x

  15. Love both your scarves and your shawl will be just beautiful. I enjoyed crocheting the Japanese flowers too.
    Wonderful picture, I'd keep it as "Yorkshire Snow" but then again I'm a Yorkshire lass!
    Carol xx

  16. Oh how I do love a pretty Japnese flower scrarf! Very pretty. The new one your working on is gorgeous, the colours go so perfectly together.
    Your paintings are beautiful, you are one talented lady!

    Ashley xxx

  17. I love your painting Julia, how can you have forgotten it! I lived in North Yorkshire for many years and grew up living on top of a remote moor top like that - your painting so reminds me of winter time in the snow up there, so beautiful, so rural, with stone barns and dry stone walls. So keep it as 'Yorkshire Snow' is my vote! Beautiful crochet too, you know I'm a big fan of your crocheting, you are such an inspiration, they are both gorgeous xxx

  18. What fabulous cosy colourful creations Julia...they look so soft. Love the colours of the new chunky flowers too.
    The picture is beautifully atmospheric and should definitely keep its Yorkshire title! Hope it graces many a mantlepiece....
    Ali x

  19. wow, colours are amazing and pattern fantastic - i love it...

  20. You have been busy I love your scarf. The painting is beautiful and would make a great christmas card, will it be too late for this year I wonder! We have been lucky enough to have a new knitting shop open near us lots of lovely wool think I might make a visit v.soon.
    Have a fun week.

  21. Gorgeous painting. I think if I were to rename it, I would call it "night snow", as snow generally happens in winter. And I agree with Toffeeapple, you must keep that sky in any prints/cards you make of the painting.

  22. Your scarves are absolutely gorgeous!

  23. oh your japanese scarf is gorgeous. I must improve my crocheting.
    and I love the painting, but as another Yorkshire lass I feel it should keep it's name..... after all isn't all snow winter snow, but Yorkshire snow is special. x

  24. Oh my word Julia...where do I start?!!!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Japanese scarf! It has turned out beautifully! Such beautiful colours..........no...but wait...........I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stripe scarf too......oh my word.....I have been sent to stripe heaven and back again! he he! It looks so soft and snuggly. Wow, I bet you are a happy bunny, what lushness to have draped around you for the winter!

    Your new Japanese flowers scarf looks mighty lovely too. Beautiful colour choice, it will look sensational. You know, I wear mine all the time. First thing in the morning, mid afternoon is I get a spare hooky moment and in the evenings all cuddled up on the sofa. I am so glad I made it and it is so warming. I would like to make another one for spring/summer in a fine yarn, to make it cobwebb like. We shall see, my list is HUGE at the moment!

    And as for your re-discovered painting.....WOW...it's completely stunning. I cannot stop looking at it. What beautiful work Julia. I am in awe my lovely! You are one super duper talented lady!

    Right....where's my cuppa....I need to sit here and drink in your post some more!

    Have a super day!

    much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  25. Gorgeous, lovely bright scarves - just the thing to brighten up grey November.

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE this Japanese Flower scarf/ shawl. O have had this on my to do lost for a year ever since I siren it on Lucy's blog. I just can't decide if I want the aray of color or just 3 colors. ( teal, grey, off white) maybe I will just make one of each! Yours is beautiful !! As always all your things are so pretty !!

  27. Major japanese scarf envy....both in the making of and the owning!!!
    (good work)
    Love the painting, and as I too am only a hop and a skip (?) away from Yorkshire, that name gets my vote too.
    Liking the new picture of you at the top of the blog too - always nice to see what someone looks like. I need to change mine...before I get done for misrepresentation!
    fee x

  28. I love the shawl, it is beautiful and I also love the Winter Scene, so beautiful--the quietness of snow...

  29. that painting has to be one of the most beautiful winter scenes I have seen, just gorgeous. Please dont change a thing about it!!
    BH x

  30. Well done sweetie, the Japanese shawl is beautiful you must show it off at every opportunity.

    That Yorkhsire Snow picture is lovely, thats just how it looks from my attic window when it snows and I've a feeling it won't be long now. lol.

  31. I love the muted colours of the new Wendy Merinos! I wish I could reach inmto the cpmputer screen and fel them! ;o) I love the rediscovered painting of yours too, it'll make a lovely christmas card.
    Jess x

  32. your two crochet projects are so colourful. You will enjoy wearing them. The card is very striking and reminds me of winter 2010!

  33. Lurve that crochet! And the painting is beautiful, definitely the type of Christmas Card image that I would go for! You are a talented lady! Just putting up a link to you on my blog :) xx Hilary xx

  34. Your Japanese scarg is possibly the most beautiful thing EVER! And I love your painting - its really atmospheric.xxxx

  35. Your Japanese Flower Scarf ist adorable...amazing... astonishing... beautiful.

  36. I think your crochet scarf is every bit as pretty as th e Sophie Digard ones you admired in the K&S show post.Its funny to read about you being prepared for th e winter weather when I am sitting by my open French doors sizzling in the unnacustomed Lancashire heat. I just wanted to comment to suggest you made your Yorkshire snow into not one but four cards. each detail you show is beautiful in its own right.
    I'm probably too late now.


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