Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Rainbow Bliss Scarf

Hello there my lovelies!

I'm far too excited to wait for a grand reveal of my Rainbow Bliss Scarf, so I am popping in today to share some WIP pictures with you.

You may recall a little while ago, I purchased a Special Gift for myself ~ some rather beautiful and luxurious Debbie Bliss Andes yarn...

I knew I really wanted to make a cosy scarf with this wool, after being inspired by one I had seen on the most amazing French blog here.  I was instantly smitten by the random stripes of Cecile's scarf and set about finding a pattern that would be suitable for my own.

I eventually (after heaps of searching) stumbled upon a rather nice one which is known as Sultan Stitch; you can find it in the Handbook of Crochet Stitches by Betty BarndenIt's a fairly easy one to follow and I reckon most folks who can do a Double Crochet (US) stitch would be able to pick this pattern up relatively fast.

This wool is an absolute dream to crochet with, it's almost like working with warm air and so very, very soft.  I managed to save up to buy three more balls to add to my collection, and these are the colours I am using for my randomly striped scarf here:

From left to right, top row:  Ruby 08, Gold 06, Apple 10
Middle row:  Denim 12, Duck Egg 11, Sage 09
Bottom row: Rose 15, Dusky Pink 16 and Fawn 05

I'm almost looking forward to the colder days, so I can put this on!  It's going to be a pretty long scarf as I like to be able to wrap them around myself a couple of times.  It won't be long before it's finished though, the rate I'm going, just got those pesky ends to sew in and then it will be ready to wear!  
I have to say that I'm also enjoying the randomness of the colour scheme on this scarf...adding whatever takes my fancy and not being to rigid about it.  The colours also look delicious when nestled next to one another...

I think when I have completed this scarf, I will have to finish my Japanese Flower Shawl (which you can see here), and which I'm making out of the remnants from my Sirdar Sublime rainbow ripple blanket.  You see, I was rather blown away by yet another beautiful make by Vanessa over at Coco Rose Diaries here...what an inspiration she is, and thanks to her I am now inspired to get my own well and truly done.  I do like scarves and shawls, there's something very comforting about having something warm and soft to nestle into when it's cold and windy outside.  
Despite Autumn arriving here rather suddenly though, I am rather looking forward to the cooler seasons.  I feel a longing for walks in the forest with my little family, a carpet of crisp golden leaves below us and a bright blue sky above as we look for chestnuts.  There is nothing more satisfying following an afternoon of chestnut hunting than to come home to hot buttered crumpets and pots of steaming tea.  I love Autumn, and it makes me smile to think of those happy times just around the corner!

So!  I'd best get cracking if I'm to finish all these projects if I'm wanting to wear them this side of Christmas!  I will be back soon, hopefully with a picture of myself modelling the finished Rainbow Bliss Scarf - and also with my flower shawl to show you too!  
Thank you for stopping by and visiting today, sending love to you, wherever you are in the world ~

Julia x x x 


  1. Well that's gorgeous! The wool looks so inviting.
    The one thing I love about blogs perhaps most of all, is the inspiration you can get from other blogs. Attic 24 and Marmalade Rose have inspired me to do several things, as has yours of course. Coco Rose too now! That spring throw of hers is gorgeous, but I do worry about throwing the ends of yarn out for birds building nests. The RSPB apparently frown on it as the little birds can get their legs caught in the strands with nasty consequences.

  2. Dear Julia, just a short message, because the whirlwind is ill in bed and very "roary" - a wonderfull scarf! I like the colours - really cosy for grey autumn-days!
    Have a nice and warm day!
    Hugs, Dania

  3. how wonderful scarf! colorful and warm =)

  4. Hi Julia

    Your rainbow scarf is lovely! Great colours together. I really must go back to doing crochet again. The serious side of life has taken over a bit too much over the year and I am spending less time doing "ME" things....I want to try and change that. Your blog is always so inspiring Julia, I love it!
    Isabelle x

  5. Lovely colours, I'm now getting an urge to crochet something too!

  6. I love the colours and the pattern. Your scarf looks really soft and I think you must be ready for autumn and the colder weather!

  7. Soon be scarf wearing time if today is anything to go by! Gorgeous colours and it looks so snuggly.

  8. It's LOVELY! And I really like the wool you've used. I love it that they're bright but slightly muted so the end result looks so glam but not garish.

    You're a classy chick!!!


  9. I also love Debbie Bliss Andes wool, it's sooo lovely to work with. I made some fingerless gloves with it, but as the wool is so soft and silky a few of the ends have worked their way out which is a bit annoying. A scarf won't be fiddled around with as much though so you you be fine.
    The scarf looks lovely, really like the stripes..

    Ashley xxx

  10. Julia,

    Your scarf is just beautiful! I fingered that yarn last time I was in John Lewis (like you do) so I know exactly how wonderfully soft it must feel.

    Perfect choice of colours too my friend. Off for another covet ...


  11. Oh it's so lovely Julia, and I like the new blog layout too. :)

  12. Gorgeous scarf Julia, can I borrow it for next week =D The colours really helped brighten up my day xx

  13. Oh Julia! It's beautiful! And I would like to come hunt chestnuts with painted a lovely picture of that activity! Made me smile and feel warm fuzzies all over! And doing that while wearing your lovely scarf...oh so comforting! Thanks for sharing! Annette

  14. OOOOh! I love it! Looks so snuggly!♥

  15. While I prefer creams and taupes, I know, boring right!, this scarf is brilliant! I adore the colour combinations...and your stitching is wonderful!

    thanks so much for sharing!
    I've signed up for your email subscription so I won't miss any of your posts now!

    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelinA

  16. Dear Julia, your scarf is so beautiful! I can feel I soft and comfortable it is! And those colours are so delicious and 'soft' too! I see here the feeling of autumn!
    Have a lovely time!
    xxx Teje

  17. Julia it is gorgeous and I know that yarn and just know how soft and snuggly it will be. What pattern did you use for it? I am trying to look at it and work it out but not getting it! xx

  18. That is so gorgeous and I love the colours.

    I bet it is lovely and snuggly.

    Nina x

  19. That looks so lovely Julia, and your description of working with warm air, oooh, I'd like a scarf like that. I know I would get so excited by that wool, I just wish I could get back into crochet, it's so long since I did it, I can't seem to pick it up? Oh well, I'll just look at your lovely work for now, Thank-you!

  20. Gorgeous! I love the rainbow scarf. :)

  21. It's glorious! What beautiful yarn.

  22. Wow that is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour scheme so much. I am quite new to crochet and can only aspire to making something as beautiful.
    Love your blog too

  23. I just want to bury my nose amongst that scrumptious wool! Lovely colours Julia!xx

  24. Very beautiful! The colours are gorgeous and you can see how soft the yarn is. There are lovely things to see on blogs (including yours!) aren't there. It makes me wonder how we used to manage! There are so many nice things to be inspired by and sadly many of them don't make it into books or magazines, which could be so much better if they just looked around a bit at all the talent out there.

    I love how the pattern can stay the same but the end result be so different. I love Vanessa's soft and pretty shawl but also the more vibrant coloured ones too.

    I like the pattern you have chosen for your stripes, I think I prefer yours to the one that inspired you actually and that too is lovely. It definitely helps having pretty things to wear when it is cold outside!

  25. Oh that scarf looks amazing, i love the colours it all looks super cosy.

  26. Oh Julia, I am in COMPLETE and utter LOVE with your scarf! The yarn is completely dreamy, the colours delicious, the design beautiful. I am lusting heavily! ha ha!

    I am having a lull at the moment. Life is very hectic and I cannot seem to get into craft. Nothing is appealing, but your scarf..........oh deary me.......your making me want to pick up the hook quite badly!

    Much love to you

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. I love, love, love this. It's so beautiful.

    I gave the stitch a go after reading about it here and I love it. I'm making a blanket in it and it's growing so quickly.

    Thanks so much for posting about it, I think it would have taken me a while to work through the book and come to it!

  28. Julia - this is soooo beautiful - I am quite in awe! Also thanks for the wool tips. As I don't have a wool shop here and have to order online I am always happy for recommandations. It is such a pity not to be able to touch the wool before buying. Thanks again for all your pleasant work and inspiration. Greetings from Germany


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