Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Delicious August


At long last I manage to find a few moments during this full to bursting month to sit down and write a blog post!  How are you?  I hope you're having a glowing August!
It's been a while since I was in Blogland; I've been here, there and everywhere you see ~ a spot of camping, time with visiting family, out with friends, play dates...oh my it's been a rather pleasant whirlwind of lovely things and I must confess to not getting much done in the way of Work or crochet.
Speaking of which, and assuming you have noticed the rather enticing snapshot of those curly skeins of wool at the top of this post, you might be wondering 'Another Project?? What can she be up to now!'

Let me explain :D

I confess I gave into temptation and purchased (as a Holiday Gift to myself, as you do) some of that gorgeously soft Debbie Bliss Andes wool...oh how very dreamy it is!  Perhaps one of the nicest yarns I have ever had the pleasure of being able to buy.  It's not cheap no, not by any means but sometimes a girl has to indulge in a little luxury and I must admit to feeling like a child in a sweet shop as I was choosing the colours!  I have plans to make a cosy Winter Scarf and I'm very much looking forward to choosing the exact pattern for it (still in a quandry about that to be honest!).  I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime I'm pleased that my Japanese Flower Scarf is literally just a hand~full of flowers away from being finished...

Here it is, draped over the sofa and I'm really delighted with how it's coming along.  I might have got this finished had I taken it on my recent camping trip to Northumberland, but alas I FORGOT MY CROCHET STUFF!!! Oh dear, HUGE heart sinking moment as several miles up the M1 I realised my mistake.  Nothing like a nice bit of hooky by the sea, but it wasn't meant to be this time.  However, we were more than occupied by our destination when we arrived, filling our days with marvellous things...let me show you:

We took a boat trip to the beautiful and lonely Farne Islands...

In the bright morning sunshine, seals basked lazily on the rocks as we sailed by...

...and mooring up on Inner Farne, we were able to tiptoe up to the cliff edge to witness a Mama and her fluffy brood on the nest.  The guide told us that there were many birds using the Farnes as a resting place during their migrations at this time of year.  It really is such a peaceful and special part of the world.

Back on dry land we enjoyed the miles of white sandy beaches, paddling in the crystal clear seas...

 ...and not without company!  Curious Eider ducks decided to come and meet us, my daughter was completely entranced by them (as was I, they came so very close).

Evenings were spent at the tent, wrapped in blankets sipping hot chocolate in our mugs whilst watching Mother Moon rise; a soft apricot globe in a dusky blue August sky...

...or at our lovely local pub, The Jolly Fisherman at nearby Craster...

...isn't this one of the best views to enjoy a nice crisp pint of local beer with?
A walk past the harbour and beyond was a nice way to walk off our tea too - if you're ever in the area I cannot say how good the food is at this place and highly recommend you drop in and enjoy it!

So here we are back home again.  And when the weather is dry we've been out walking in the most glorious late summer scenery.  Our moorland heather has suddenley burst into bloom and it's the most outrageously beautiful purple this year.  There is mile upon mile of the stuff and it is heart stoppingly beautiful.  I feel very lucky to have this all on my doorstep to enjoy :)

And so, August melts dreamily away and soon it will be September.  Soon it will be time for school runs and uniforms again.  I have loved every minute of these holidays; rainy days spent indoors building dens out of the clothes horse and old travel rugs, playing Snap and Pairs for hours on the living room floor, spontaneous picnics, camping, painting, planting, baking, walking, having family to visit and tasty barbecues infused with laughter and joy...Simple, wonderful, glorious summer holidays.

I shall miss them, yet I shall remember them for a long time to come.  I hope your August has been one to remember.

Sending you love, thanks so much for dropping by;

Julia x x x


  1. So, so beautiful! Thank you! :-)
    Marjan/ Seattle

  2. Gosh Julia, sounds like you have had the perfect summer holiday! I love time spent like that, just havig lots of lovely moments to remember. The picture of the heather against the greenery is simply stunning. Truly beautiful!

    This summer has whizzed by for me, and although I have enjoyed it (much more than I thought I would!), I will be glad to get some sort of order back into the house!

    A beautiful post you have shared with us today! Thank you!

    Take care and much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh that heather is so beautiful!!
    As is the yarn! ;)
    Vivienne x

  4. The Farne Islands look beautiful, I read some nature bloggers who take stunning pictures of the birds up there. You are obviously relaxed lets hope that you can continue with that feeling.

  5. Gorgeous crochet!!
    Had I known you were in my beautiful Northumberland without crochet I could have dropped off an emergency crochet parcel ;0)
    So glad you loved this part of the world I love living here.
    Hope the peace stays with you a while.
    Kandi xx

  6. Hi Julia.

    What gorgeous holiday photos - it looks idyllic.

    Love too the colours of your Andes wool and, yes, of course you should have treated yourself. Particularly after forgetting to take your supplies away with you. Hmm, I wonder if there is any mileage in keeping an 'emergency crochet kit' in the car?!

    August has, unfortunately, been a bit crappity crap in this neck of the woods. Roll on serene September!


    PS. Your Japanese flower scarf is stunning too.

  7. ooh that wool looks gorgeous. glad you had a lovely holiday. we go to Craster all the time to walk to Dunstanburgh, but we've never been in the pub - clearly need to remedy that x

  8. Lovely pictures, it looks like a wonderful place......your yarn looks gorgeous, I've never bought anything too expensive....but one day!

  9. Beautiful photographs, looks like you had a wonderful time

  10. Hello Julia,

    Your holiday pictures are very dreamy and making me feel as if I were there too. Thank you for sharing.

    Yes!!! to that sweetshop feeling when indulging in a spot of yarn purchasing. Andes is divine. If/when you have a moment come and peek at some equally beautiful yarn I found in an allotment of all places... all will be revealed ;-)

  11. Ahhh lovely post. Glad you succumbed to the Andes wool. How gorgeous is it? Alas, I have only drooled in the shop as it is way WAY too much for me at present but hey a girl can dream. Love the pic of the seals. xx

  12. What a wonderful holiday, beautiful scenery, it is an amazing part of England.
    I think I am going to put a hook and some yarn in my case right now...... and I'm not going away until October!
    Carol xx

  13. Oh, I've been thinking of treating myself to some Debbie Bliss Andes, and I don't think I'll be able to resist now after seeing yours, lol!

    What beautiful photos! It sounds like you had a lovely holiday, despite your lack of crochet! ;)

  14. What beautiful photos! You must have had a beautiful holiday :)

    And that yarn...swoon! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  15. Like you with your heather, I feel the same about the road home from our nearest market town, which is lined with rhodendron bushes, planted by the Royals many years ago now, and absolutely glorious when if full bloom. Even when they are not out, there are fields of bright yellow rape, blue flax, purple lavender, such a wonderful way to come home when so many have only concrete jungle views. It's good to remind ourselves how lucky we are now and then.
    Love your pics, brought back memories of a holiday in the area back in the nineties.
    Looking forward to the gallery at the end of the month too.

  16. It looks lovely where you went! I love the purple heather at this time of the year, I hope I get to see some more before the year is out.xx

  17. What a wonderful respite for you!! The photos are gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing. I can live vicariously through your travels. Hubby is not well enough to camp now. We miss it terribly! Hugs, Kerrie

  18. Hi Julia,
    Glad you had a wonderful holiday.
    I have just returned from mine and it takes a while to get back into a routine.
    Beautiful images.x

  19. Hi Julia! Just gorgeous photos from your holidays! What a beautiful place and amazing nature!
    Your flower shawl is going to be the most beautiful and that new yarn looks very inviting!
    xxx Teje

  20. Summer holidays are great aren't they, yours sounds like it's been wonderful full of lovely family time, building memories to cherish forever!

  21. We've just returned from Northumberland, a place where we go feral, breathe the air and feel the sky. I find the coastal colours inspirational then when I return to damp grey lancashire my spirits just nose dive! Farne Islands are on our 'to-do' list but that will have to be for another holiday - what an excuse to go back :) Beautiful photos but what a bummer leaving your crochet behind! My husband has noticed that about the first item in the car as we are packing for our hols is always my WIP plus spare stash x


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