Friday, 22 July 2011

Blanket Love

Thank you so much for all your fabulous comments on the last post, about my Rainbow Ripple Blanket Ta~Daaah!  I was blown away with them, and I'm delighted you all like it so much.  I've now started work on the New Blanket, and I'm absolooooodely in love with those little squares that are appearing, somewhat rapidly each evening.
The extra balls of yarn that I ordered online arrived and I have to pass on Big Thank You's to those of you who have been recommending Stylecraft; excellent choice it turns out as I'd ordered three balls from their 'Special DK' range and I'm really pleased with it - plus it's cheaper than the King Cole stuff.  Anyways, I think the three bolder colours pull those sweetie jar colours together beautifully ~ I ordered Shrimp, Saffron and Grape and now I am beyond excited about this blanket, can't get enough of it...

Here are the new colours, nestling in my yarn bag - can you spot them?

Much better don't you think?
So, the last few evenings have seen me getting very busy with these little squares which are amazingly easy, and surprisingly therapeutic to make.  But oh my word, just look at all those ends...

I've took a tip from Vanessa at Coco Rose Diaries who also made this blanket, and who waited until the end to sew all the ends in.  I have to agree with her, if I did the ends each time I finished a square this blanket just wouldn't happen.  I'm going to have to dedicate some serious time to doing it all when the squares are finished, but I don't want to think about that part of it yet (I really don't like the yucky sewing in of ends).  So, here's how it's coming on so far, I do enjoy laying out the little squares in rows to get a feel for how it's going to look:

Can you see why I'm so excited?  Those colours just Zing!!  I can already picture it when the squares are crocheted together with that lovely raised edging, it's going to be amazing.  Only several hundred more squares to go, but oh my goodness it's going to be so very worth it, and all the more wonderful because it will so very cheap to make - bonkerdoodles cheap actually in comparison to the luxury yarn I used to make the last one!

Aside from all this hookyness, life has been pootling on here as usual.  I'm working on some sketches at the mo for a rather larger painting than usual.  It's a coastal themed one and I'm looking forward to sharing it's progress with you when I get started on it.  The Circus illustration is still very much a WIP ~ I've come to a point with it where I'm not sure if it's going the way I really want it to go, so am giving it one of my famous cooling off periods and will return to it when I feel more inspired.

One more thing to tell you before I disappear for the weekend - I am now being represented by the fabulous 'From The Wilde Gallery'.  I'm really delighted to have my originals, prints and cards included alongside the work of all the other hugely talented artists and designers.

You can visit the website here - it's well worth a look.

Well I think that's me done for now - once again, thanks for dropping in; it's always lovely of you to do so.  I hope you have a smashing weekend, sending love to you, 

Julia x


  1. Wow you are a quick worker Julia!! The new blanket is looking fab, though urgh... all those ends, there seems to be such a lot of them! :( It will be amazing once it is all done though, love your colour choices! xxx p.s great that you will be selling on From the Wilde, it is a great site! x

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone in my fear of the loose ends! Thanks for sharing the colur joy Julia, I can't wait to start on mine now! :)xx

  3. Hi how your new blanket is looking !!! Shrimp is the first stylecraft colour I bought and it's a favourite !!
    Did you order from Masons ?? Amazingly quick delivery I them :0)
    Have fun holidays
    Jacquie xx

  4. Oh I love From the Wilde!! Well done you x How the heck are you doing so much lately? I feel positively lazy! xx

  5. Hi - love the blanket. You know that you can weave some of the ends in whilst you crochet and again when you crochet them together. I try and snip the centre one off at leaset as I go along, which just makes one less each square to worry about. I also try and make them all come out at the back. Donna

  6. Love it Julia. I've been using the Stylecraft yarn for years now, mainly because of the gorgeous colours, next because it's cheap and for a cheap wool isn't half bad. Not greasy feeling like some acrylics. I also use their DK wool, which is so soft and snugglesome, and which I will use for my next BIG project, which will be a large ripple blanket. I've done small ones for babies cots, but never a larger one for snuggling into. So when the current project is no long a work in progress but a Ta Da.... moment, then the ripples will begin!

  7. The new colours really lift the blanket! I am not a fan of sewing in ends and that is why I rarely crochet these days! Congratulations with selling 'From the Wilde' I am sure you will do very well. Have a lovely weekend with your blanket!!! x

  8. This will be so gorgeous! I did visit the other site and I have never seen such beautiful squares, you have inspired me!! Hugs!

  9. Wow your on a roll love the rippble and now this I am finishing my ripple at the moment.

  10. I am weird as I like sewing ends. I think it is because I like to sew anyway and I just consider it part of the blanket. I like the whole making process as well as the end result. Shrimp is a great colour, it looks weird in artificial light but I just love it in natural light - it is a gloriously happy colour. A blanket you can shove in the washing machine is a big plus! Cheap does not mean it cannot be just as beautiful. Stylecraft is softer than many acrylics.

  11. It is going to be beautiful! Love it. x

  12. Hi Julia! When I see your lovely crochet I would love to start a blanket, too! Your new colours are so great!
    I visited that shop and it's really good - so many nice things and crafts. Congratulations for having your special arts there!
    xxx Teje

  13. That blanket is going to be just gorgeous! (And yet again I lament my inability to crochet, but I'm a knitter through and through.)

  14. Both blankets look absolutely lovely. I'm working on a Mega Ripple at the moment, but I tend to go for deeper, richer shades. A bit of brightness is a lovely look! I actually enjoy doing the ends, as it is the end, the moment to sit, enjoy and admire. I was delighted to see that the pattern for the little squares blanket was excerpted in 'Country Living', and with your inspiration to accompany, it's joined my queue. As for the wool - whenever I'm near our local big craft/haberdashery place, I always get a couple of balls of 8 ply, just to keep the stock up. It works well, and the collection in itself is visual and literal insulation (stash justification). Look forward to seeing both progress and finished project! :)

  15. When I was in England last year, I allowed myself ONE skein of yarn to bring home and it was a bright pink...STYLECRAFT! I have edged a baby blanket with it and made little pink hearts, and have little pink centers for my granny really is nice!
    Your granny sguares look great, love the colors!

  16. The new blanket is going to be smashing. I love the ripple blanket too!

  17. It's going to look wonderful as it's lookng good already. I can relate to all those squares as I've just started a quilt made from hexagons and the thought of how many I've got to sew is quite daunting. You're simply speeding along though :)

  18. Congratulations on getting in the gallery ... so deserved ... your work is charming and I'm sure you will do well. Love those snuggly blankets ... nice for the autumn into winter. Have a lovely week

    xo Carolyn xo

  19. Helllooooooo Julia,

    Gosh, I am just loving your ripple, so, sooooooooooo beautiful! I wouldn't be able to drag myself out from underneath it! Just completely stunning my friend!

    And ooooh you are doing a springtime throw! I love mine to death. It is in constant use, which is good and is withstanding it well! ha ha!!!! I am so sure that you will be thrilled with it when it is done. I think that's what kept me going, just knowing it would look lovely. Cannot wait to see it in all its finished glory! You are powering through with blanket love!!!!!

    Right off to get a drink and sit down and have a good read. I have a lot to catch up on.............! xxxxxx

  20. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works very nice, beautiful and creative,,

  21. I'm working on something similar, but with even brighter colours ... I'm try to stashbst, you see. I sewed my squares in blocks of 9 and wove in the ends after each block. It just made it a bit more manageable, I found. The first blocks are on my blog - 81 small sqaures later, I've used up my scraps and finished the blanket. It's become a big baby blanket - on to the next project!

  22. How exciting. It is lovely lovely. I'm trying to make one myself but it is proving difficult. Will keep trying.

  23. Hi Julia

    Your ripple blanket looks amazing, I love it! Well done for being on From the Wilde, they sell very nice things so it is very fitting that you should sell via them.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  24. Hi Julia

    Hope you are well. I visit your blog regularly and derive lot of artistic inspiration. I love crochet ,dabble in painting...though I think I am just passable at it! Anyway the reason for this comment is to tell you how pleased I am to see you doing the springtime throw,just finished mine about six weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and am thrilled my kids love it!! I did a mini Cal with Vanessa w which really helped to speed me on .....I also gained a lovely friend.
    I blogged about this, my first blanket was so satisfying,I hope t his is one of many blankets to come! Do keep in touch.

    Good luck!

  25. All those colors talk to me...they say, "Come to me, my pretty!" (Like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz...ha ha)

    I gave you a shout out today on my blog...

    ...I was once again thrilled to use one of your patterns. Thank you, as always, for all your hard creative work and your willingness to share your talents. Hugs, Annette

  26. I like your very colorful, well arranged and beautiful creation. No wonder you received a lot of inspiring comments.

    Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons

  27. Wow, its fab! I really haven't got to grips with crochet. Time I think is a bit of an issue with me, one day maybe!! Well done to be selling with From The Wilde, fab site! Have a lovely Summer! xx

  28. june in ireland who loves to craft and bake7 August 2011 at 12:01

    This is just so, so beautiful. The colours, the vibrancy, the happiness, the joy it brings just to look at each little square.

    I'm just an ultra-newbie wannabe quilter/knitter, though. Is it at all possible for someone who has extremely little/limited (so far) experience and knowledge on how to even get started on making these squares, and then onto becoming a blanket? Is there a tutorial you could direct me to to get me started?

    Thanks for sharing - it's made my Sunday (especially with the weather here in Ireland being so, so dreary and rainy and grey).

  29. hello June!
    I hope you get to read this, yes of course you can learn. If you are new to crochet I can recommend The Happy Hookers book, a really easy way to learn the basic stitches. Best thing to do is get yourself a number 4 hook and a ball of Stylecraft Special DK yarn and have a go, the pattern for the squares is in the Nikki Trench book, Cute and Easy crochet (click the Amazon link in the sidebar, it features in my bookstore). Good luck, keep in touch with how you're getting on and thanks for visiting my blog today - Love J x x x

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