Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Hello lovely people!

How are you?  For the British readers here, are you still battling through the snow storms?  Our little village still has about 10 inches in places, and the paths are deadly to walk on with nasty ice everywhere.

Still, I can't help but think how pretty it all looks despite the absolute Icelandic temperatures (it was minus 12 in our back garden one day last week according to our neighbours thermometer).

The dark trees and fragile seed heads look very beautiful against the white drifts, and I do like to see the stark contrast of white snow in the crevices of dark, dry stone walls.
It's been a very black and white world of late, so we were all a bit relieved when the sun came out and it started to melt.  A bit.

To keep spirits up here, and because we had nowhere we could go in a hurry, we put our Christmas tree up on the 1st.  I've never put it up so early before, but the Small One was beside herself, so it seemed to be a Good Thing to do.

Look!! A little crocheted snowman chappie from last year!!

And I'm loving our new vintage style Christmas tree lights, that we bought to replace the set that blew up last year.
They are called Pickwick, by Noma - and they recapture the very essence of my own childhood Christmas tree.  They don't flash and they're not those screamingly bright LED ones that seem very popular these, I confess I'm a bit of an old fashioned soul, and much prefer the warm, nostalgic glow of these and I do like sitting next to the tree of an evening just looking at the colours shimmering on the tinsel...with a nice glass of red wine...and a mince pie...and why not?!

So!  This week has seen me busying about - I was contacted by a lady who is opening a gorgeous new shop called Andrea Willis Designs, who wanted to stock some of my cards!  What an exciting opportunity - Andrea also designs and makes her own wonderful cards, which I love.  If you live in or around Scarborough, you will be able to visit Andrea's shop from Friday 10th December, which is her grand opening day.

Shop stock all ready to go!

You can find out more about Andrea, her work and her shop on her delightful blog, Fin & Gabs.

A quick mention here, whilst on the subject of cards and orders - the 15th December is the last day you can place an order with me for any cards/prints etc until the new year.  Huge thanks to everyone who has already sent for Christmas cards, I'm over the moon you like my work enough to buy it, and I hope you are all pleased with your purchases.  Don't forget, that 10% of all my card sales is donated to The Down's Syndrome Association too, and P&P is free in the UK.

I must admit though, once the hustle and bustle of Christmas has passed, I'll be looking forward to getting chance to design and paint again.  It feels like a long time since I shared the painting Heading For Home with fact, it was started at the beginning of November and I haven't had a moment to return to it yet!

In the meantime, there is something on the cards, that's going to involve this:

A project of a very different kind indeed!  I'm can't say too much about it just yet, but I will be sharing something very special with you in the new year (what a torment I am!).

Well, I have to say that despite all your kind well wishes, my little girl is still unwell - a nasty chest infection it is to be sure, as she had to go back to the doctors and has more antibiotics to take.
The poor little soul missed her Christmas Carol concert - I think I was probably more disappointed than her though at the thought of missing her warbling Away In A Manger in an angel outfit!  Still, worse things happen, at least we are tucked up in a cosy warm house which is the best place to be really!

I hope you are all keeping warm and toasty, if you're iced up and snowed in, do take care ~ for the rest of you who are blessedly snow free, enjoy your freedom and think of us snow bound mortals shivering up north!!

Sending love, warmed mince pies, mulled wine and twinkling lights...

See you again soon, thank you for dropping by today!

Julia x


  1. What a shame the little one is still unwell and missed her Christmas concert. :(
    Looking forward to the new project, I love those gorgeous colours!
    We've still lots of snow about and it was -12 here last night, the novelty has worn off now to be honest!!
    Stay warm and cosy,
    Vivienne x

  2. I love your vintage style christmas lights, they bring back childhood memories for me too xox Look forward to your new project reveal x

  3. The new project does sound exciting - fabric, threads, lace and beads - my favoutire!!

  4. Hi Julia, sorry for the little one, i've just been to Sam's Christmas play. A bit sad cos its his last one as he shall be up the high school next year, i do love the shows !!Our snow has gone now thank goodness but still left with freezing temps which makes the roads terrible in the mornings and we are still struggling with water for the horses!!!! still could be worse, could be up where you live!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Christmas. Keep warm x x x

  5. Sounds like you are cranking up the cosy like us! Bxx

  6. Oh I love those lights too! My favourite. Mine are all plain white - no flashes thankfully. They look quite nice but i do love the coloured ones. Still got lots of snow and icy paths too. Wish it would rain now. Love to your dd. xx

  7. oohh lovely photos amd I love those vintage lights :-)

    So sorry to hear about your little one being ill still, hope she feels better very soon :-(

  8. Hi Julia,
    Thankyou for the lovely mention in your post.
    I am sorry little one is still unwell and what a shame about the carol concert, my little girls is tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that.
    Snow, snow and more snow!!!
    I am intrigued about your new project!!
    Andrea x

  9. Lovely pictures....

    Sorry to read little miss is still poorly, I think they can get really run down at this time of year, life can be busy for little people - I hope she is better soon.

    Fab news on a the shop stocking your products!

    Take care, & stay cosy


  10. Lovely photos, the snowman is so cute x

  11. You are a tease - Can't wait to see what you are making

  12. Heard that you were head-hunted for Andrea's new shop- hooray! And well done.
    Make the most of being stuck indoors, we've had no snow and I'm desperate for a good excuse to make and bake and not clean and tidy. Ax

  13. Well, you know what they say about the old ones being the best? I have some coloured lights, very similar to yours on the tree Julia, which we have had twenty odd years, they go around the inner front door which has an arch-shaped small paned window panel, and I hang a wreath in the midst of these pretty colours. I agree, they are so much nicer than the too-bright ones you see these days. Though since these are not made any more, I do worry about what we will do when a bulb goes....
    Snowy in places here in our corner of Norfolk, and really cold today when I went out for my birthday treat.
    Hope little one gets better soon.

  14. Hello Julia, I'm sorry to hear that your little one is not well, hope to be better soon!
    You made lovely post with so beautiful photos and Christmas things!
    xxx Teje
    Ps. I was just cutting the grass!

  15. Hi Julia, your cards look lovely, they're sure to sell well in the new shop! We've had hardly any snow here in Bristol! I'm not complaining mind you, it might be pretty but makes things so slow and there's so much to do this time of year isn't there?! xx

  16. Hello Julia,

    Sorry little one is still poorly. It's really rotten for them, and can mess with all your best laid plans too! Baby bear has been poorly this week and it was the week I wanted to be out and about getting loads done!

    Your new project sounds enticing! Can't wait for that!

    I hope that you get to have a relaxing weekend.....admiring all the lights on your tree!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Oh your little snowman is adorable and your wintry mosaic is so lovely! Has your snow melted now?

  18. Hi Julia,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog, really nice of you to stop by and say such lovely things too:) xxxx p.s love those lights!

  19. Thank you very much for the comment:)
    Saw your blog and site,you are a great artist,love your style:)

  20. I love your snowy and Christmassy post - and it looks like more snow is on the way now! I hope you are enjoying the new project - or maybe you've made it by now? The materials looked lovely. I love the coloured lights too - even though I've got lots of white ones at the moment, I've got one set of the coloured bulbs and they are so cosy - the colours remind me of Quality Street sweets! Keep cosy.
    Helen x


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