Thursday, 10 June 2010

All Things Bright and Lovely


Before I even begin this post properly, I have to say a big Thank You to every blinkin' one of you for all the kind, generous and heartfelt comments you left for me on my last post. My goodness, I cannot begin to explain how much they helped and how they lifted my weary little spirits. In a nice way, it was good to read that others out there had found themselves in a similar situation, or felt the same way as me, and the advice offered and shared was just what I needed, as well as that comforting feeling that someone else out there understood, and it wasn't just me going ever so slightly bonkers.

So, things have got better, by which I mean I have found a certain happy medium with Life at the moment. Of course there are certain things I cannot do immediately, like move to the coast as we are very much having to stay here for the present time due to lots of different reasons. But...and this is the lovely part - we (me and the other half) have had some wonderful conversations of late, and have both agreed that at some point in the next few years when the time is right, we would both LOVE to make the move to the coast (although which part is still under discussion) at least, if nothing else right now, we know we are all on the same piece of string. Which makes me a lot happier and quite excited when I think about it.

Anyway. You might be wondering what those little crocheted balls are all about? Well let me tell you. After an awful creative dry spell I found myself reading Coco Rose's blog, and saw a photograph of a beautiful pile of crochet she had made, and suddenly, it was as if the tap of creativity had been turned back on and I suddenly had a big desire to get hooky again (having not touched any since completing the Rainbow Bolster).

Thank you dear Vanessa for being an inspiration this week, as from seeing your photograph these little crocheted beads appeared, and from the beads appeared this:

...a very colourful crocheted bead necklace, on which you can move the beads about, like so...

...and then wear it like this too! There is a pattern for the beads in the book Vintage Crochet and its really quite easy to follow.

I would have been a model for the necklace but I'm wearing a rather colourful top today and it clashed something rotten! However, it does look quite fun once on, and I would now like to attempt a bracelet to match, using the little beads next!.

Having brightened myself up with a bout of crochet, I was rather glad to find Country Homes & Interiors mag bursting at the seams with All Things Bright this month. I don't always buy this, but it promised to be the Coastal episode, and you know what I'm like when anything ever so slightly sea-sidey is mentioned!!

Just look at the deliciously stripey bedding on the left there!! I want it right now!! It reminds me of the sweet colours you find in seaside rock shops!

And just look at that gorgeous table!! I'm loving these gloriously cheerful bright glasses and bowls!

But this was the swooning moment for me...ah yes, coastal style. Don't you just love it?

I could quite happily live here you know, by the sea, in this little house...

...and after chatting some more about coastal living, we had a little idea. A tiny gem of an idea, which would instantly alleviate any feelings of being landlocked and trapped, an idea that would lead to all manner of adventure and delight and mean waking up to the sound of the sea whenever we wanted to..

We have decided to invest in a tent!

Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how giddy with delight this makes me feel! I remember camping as a child and loving every minute of it, although as a Grown Up Person I think I may have to succumb to some Camping Luxuries to make it a bit more comfortable. I've thought long and hard about roughing it and I'm afraid I'm what you might call a camping snob - yes, I'm probably going to be taking my own pillow and duvet (or at a push a very soft and cosy sleeping bag), and will probably invest in some pretty flowery melamine to make it all a bit more homey. I can't do rough, I'm not cut out to be a Bear Grylls sort of camper - I'm going to be taking my espresso pot aren't I...I can just see it all now!

This idea has propelled me into Happy Land like I cannot describe. Perhaps in a few years, we might upgrade and get a little caravan (another dream for the list) but for now this suits us fine, we both want to do it, and the Little Person is just at the right age to appreciate what a hoot it can be!

What could be better than pitching up next to a beach, and taking an evening stroll...

...and then wandering back to gaze at the stars in a proper inky black night sky?!

I can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by today, have a great weekend.

Much love
J x x x


  1. Sounds fantastic to me!Our retirement dream is to own a little camper van and go wherever it takes us. Have to tell you,since you came to visit my little blog the other day,I have kept out my crotchet hook aiming to crochet some flowers to use in my card designs.Whilst walking through my favourite part of John Lewis today,looking at all the pretties,ribbons,buttons,etc I glanced at the nearby soft furnishings and thought of your lovely Rainbow boulster,they had little heart shaped cushions covered in crochet flowers.So glad you've been inspired to dust off your hook again,Julie.x

  2. So glad you're feeling happier. :)
    Best wishes for your little camping adventure! Zandra Rhodes is designing for Millets at the moment, I think that's exactly the sort of campng equipment for you Julia!!
    Pretty necklace, by the way!
    Vivienne x

  3. Oooohh i want to live in that coastal retreat looking over the sand dunes & out to sea,how glorious is that?!!
    I too love the coastal theme,there is something soooo tranquil about it.
    Glad you are feeling better my lovely. xx

  4. Well I think I too am a camping snob- a blow-up bed would be on the top of my list I am afraid!
    I am glad you have a more settled idea of your future and it sounds like you are in a good place right now.

  5. Hi Julia
    Loving your necklace !
    So glad you've got your crafty mojo back :0)
    Camping sounds like a great excuse to buy lots of gorgeous melamine.
    Jacquie x

  6. Dearest Julia,
    I'm glad that you are feeling better. The camping is a great idea, it's funny because we have been thinking along the same lines. I too would have to have a few home comforts.
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment that you left. It is good to know that I am not alone. I just wish that we didn't have to have the creative fog!
    The crochet bead necklace is fabulous. I made some beads a while ago because I had some kind of project in mind but then I stuck them in a drawer and forgot what I intended to do. Maybe a necklace? Thanks for the inspiration. I always love reading your posts.
    Take care x

  7. Oh Julia! i'm glad your crochet muse has returned that is wonderful....what a fun thing to make....and so colourful!

    i'd wear that with a solid top! what a statement! what POP!

    this was a great read!
    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. So glad you feel better now and have plans that you can aim for as a family which I am sure will make you all happy. Loving the crochet, the mag photo and the dream of camping by the sea - wonderful and I am not really a camping kind of girl but that idea really does float my boat.

  9. Thats better, you sound like your normal self! Lots of good things planned by the sound of it. I adore that beady necklace, a bit beyond me i think, me and crochet have never seemed to get it together!!!!! x x x

  10. Its good to have a plan, even if it is a rather longterm one!
    Love your crochet beads, I'm off to look at that pattern.

  11. Ahh Julia we are doing the same thing. Getting a hand me down tent and equipment from the parents-in-law and off we shall go...very liberating!
    I too will have to have certain luxuries as I don't want any reminders of the music festival camping I used to do, that is having nothing of any practical use whatsoever!
    Also a good excuse for getting hooky with blankets don't you think?

  12. Hi Julia. I'm so pleased you're feeling happier. Although it would take an awful lot to get me in a tent ! Maybe a caravan, but only if it was a 5 star one ! I'm afraid I like my home comforts far too much. But waking up and going to sleep to the sound of the sea sounds fantastic.

    Loving the crochet ball necklace !

    Sarah xx

  13. Good to hear you cheery again Julia. It's good to have a dream, and then to have a plan which can lead to the fulfillment of said dream. Knowing that you both want the same thing, and want to plan ahead for the distant future when it might come to fruition is so liberating, exciting. Gives you hope, and so what if the years pass and the nearest you get is a lovely little caravan and lots of weekends by the sea? At least you will partially realise The Dream...x

  14. Oh my lovely, I am so glad you are feeling lifted! Your necklace is amazingly awesome! And you are doesn't matter if you are not able to be where you want to be at this moment in time, but it's being given the reassurance that it WILL happen in the not too distant future that can totally change your mood and how you feel. It's the same for me. A couple of years ago, the prospect of moving to the coast was very real, but life happens and it didn't transpire. I think I too have been feeling so unsettled as I really had it in my mind that we were going. I have fallen out of love with my house, I desperately want to wake up to different walls and look outside a window to a different view. I want a new challenge, but children's schooling and finances mean we are to stay put! It's depressing, but the thought that it WILL happen when a better time arrives settles me more. To know that it IS achievable is enough for now! So, I keep on crafting in my little shoebox surrounded by the hustle and bustle of males!

    Like you, we have been looking into getting a family tent and camping gear. I am a bit of a camping snob and can't rough it too much. An air mattress and NO sleeping bag for me but proper bedding is a must then I can pretty much slum it from there on in!!!!!! ha ha! The latest Country Living Mag is giving away an airsteam! Can you believe it....might even enter....ya never know!!!!!! he he! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xxxxx

  15. me again.....sorry for the long comment! Total muppet! xxxxxx

  16. V glad you are feeling better, my lovely! You sound like my kind of camper - if there's not a blow-up bed, I won't even entertain the idea! But the kids love it; the open space, cooking on a little stove, making friends - if the weather's good then there's nothing better!
    PS Move to Cornwall!

  17. Ahh, it sounds lovely Julia. Can't wait to hear more xx

  18. Wonderful post Julia, your hooky balls are delightful! Did you happen to see Kate's crochet ball xmas wreath (greedy for colour blog) it's a beauty and v much along the same lines.
    Camping yes yes, it def gives you a way to live beside the sea even if only for sort spells. J and I have been tenting together for 16yrs, we've had some amazing coastal camping trips including a v memorable week pitching around Cornwall. We took Little Man when he was 10m old to Robin Hoods Bay, we got a tent big enough to take a travel cot, it was ace! We've always camped with duvets and pillows too, makes a world of difference. Oh, and you HAVE to look at John Lewis for some divine picnic ware this summer, I'm about to have a little splurge for Connievan (my inspiration also came from Coco Rose, she sure posts some tempting things!)
    ok, long lot of blurb at 5am, need to stop waffling....lots of love to you

  19. glad you are feeling a bit more settled

  20. I can heartily reccomend a tent - I love mine. Look for one with a full built in groundsheet. We have bought all ours from "Go Ourdoors" near Bramall Lane - we only buy "last years "models - that way you get about £600 worth of tent for about £150.00 . I LOVE LOVE LOVE tent camping. xxxxxx

  21. First time visiting your beautiful blog.
    The photos of the beach, your beautiful painted cards, crochet and more... are to beautiful for words.


  22. oh you will LOVE camping! i too remember really minimalist camping with my parents, I loved it but with hindsigth I have NO idea how they coped, several years we camped wild and didn't have toilets, and we were there for three weeks! I need showers, washing machine if staying for more than a week, airbed, walsy bring my own pillow and duvet, expresso pot is a definte must have, and don't forget a pump for the airbeds that plug into your car's cigarette lighter, beats blowing or pumping them up hands out! leaves you much more time to enjoy the pimms and sunsets xx


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