Thursday, 25 February 2010

Happy, Sweet Days...

It's been a busy day in our little house. Well, for me at least as Ive been drawing for the most of it! New ideas are presenting themselves for paintings left, right and centre. Oh yes, Im having rather a time of it with old Mr Inspiration of late!! Ive also found myself waking up in the wee small hours, only for an idea to burst forth and bring me into the land of Wide Awake - at 4am this is not a good thing, and although it's exciting to have so many ideas to play with, I would be happier with a good nights sleep under my belt and the strike of inspiration at about 10am instead - preferably with a nice cup of tea.

But I don't suppose us creative types can pick and choose. Inspiration visits at random and I am always grateful for it, as it usually leads to something good.

As well as all this sketchy doodly activity, Ive also been busy with line drawings as you can see from my first picture today.
I have thoroughly enjoyed doing them. Here's a couple more for you to see.

Now what could this one be about...? Bedtime story? Homework in PJ's? Saturday morning comics? I'll leave it up to your imagination!
This one could be called 'A blustery afternoon' I think...

So, art wise, things are progressing. Things are also progressing quite nicely with the RR which has become a bit of a late night habit for me, something to settle down with last thing before bed. I don't think this picture does it great justice, we are suffering at the mercy of gloomy days here in Yorkshire and so the lighting is not so good for photographs. But you can get an idea of how its going I think!

Now, Im sure it's not just me, but cold weather and dreary days bring out the baker in me. We have been very busy of late, me and the Tiny Chef, creating all manner of scrumptious delights from Blondies and Brownies to Cupcakes and Sponges. And I have to say when Im not wielding a sketch book, or crochet hook, my mind is very fixed on deciding what treat to make next. And its not going to be much of a problem because yesterday our nice postie brought me this from the wonderful land of Amazon.

Oh people...for those of you who do not have this on your shelf, but who like to indulge now and then in these decadent little mouthfuls, then this is one to get. With things like Coconut Cupcakes with Pink Vanilla Buttercream and Caramel Cupcakes, Im rather overcome to say the least and it wont be long before these are given a whirl in our kitchen. Of course, I'll have to run it by the Tiny Chef first, see which ones she likes the look of best!

For now though, we are munching our way through generous slices of orange cake, the scent of the oranges in the kitchen when we were zesting and juicing was just like being in Seville! Oranges and lemons always remind me of warm sunny climes and are always happy little fruits in my mind. Is it usual to think of fruit in that way? Probably not. But thats me all over - ever so slightly bonkers!

Well, its about that time where I say 'Im off' and it usually entails a nice cup of tea and a bit of something sweet and naughty. But not today, having indulged in two slices of the orange cake already Im keeping away from the cake tin and instead Im going to announce that in the next week or two, I will be doing a little giveaway.


And its going to be a nice one. Im telling you now, so that you can spread the word - more the merrier with these things methinks, so do pop back now and then as it will definately be happening sooooon!

I hope you have weekends full of sunshine and surprises - they're the best kind aren't they?! I'll be visiting your blogs as soon as Ive space for another slice of cake! So, thank you for stopping by today, it's lovely that you did!

Love Julia x


  1. Beautiful blogging. Your sketches are stunning. Love the colours of the crochet and when you start baking make sure to tell us just how yummy they are wont you :-) enjoy.
    A x

  2. I love the sketching of the little boy reading Julia, it reminds me of my son. He is often to be found in a quiet corner with his nose stuck in a book or magazine.
    Mmmmmm, I also very much like the sound of some of those recipes. I am very much looking forward to seeing that production line.
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX

  3. Your sketches are wonderful and I love the first one with the little boy and the tree ~ you are very talented indeed. Your Rainbow Ripple is looking fantastic too and even in the dim yorkshire lighting looks very bright and colourful. Enjoy your tea and cake and have a very lovely weekend :O)

  4. Hello Julia -

    Love your pictures - almost envious that you are woken up by your creativity!

    Fed up of the weather! I've got that book - Its lovely. Think you'll have lots of fun with the little lady... (loved your previous baking post).

    Thankyou for your lovely comment - know where you are coming from!

    Love Lydia xx

  5. Your sketches are wonderful, I love the little boy reading. Can I come to your house for tea when you start baking from your new book!

  6. Hmmm orange cake, cupcakes oooh lovely!!!! I really like the bustery day sketch, they are all great actually but that is my fave!! x x A giveaway, how exciting!

  7. Julia, you are so blooming talented! I wish, wish, wish I could draw like you. I so admire the ability to transfer what is in the mind to paper and you do it so beautifully. We have the cupcake book (well, Lucy has it and we borrow it) and it is truly fab. We have tried the chocolate ones, vanilla and can't remember what else but they are all gorgeous. A little faffier than some recipes, but definitely worth the faffing. have a good weekend lovely lady xx

  8. The girl with the brolly looked like my daughter 5 minutes ago as she went out to college!!! Your blanket looks great and the cake and baking sounds very naughty!!! Hope you have a great weekend Julia, but I don't think we will bw seeing much sunshine!!!

  9. I know what you mean about the wintry weather bringing out the baker in you.... there is something ever so comforting about being inside a warm, heavenly-scented kitchen with the lights on, when outside it is dark and blowy, and as is the case here today, dark, blowy and wet. It's a lovely cosy feeling isn't it? Not into these fancy cupcakes, way too sweet for my liking (and tummy these days) but the pictures are nice!

  10. I love the way you've capture the whoosshh of the brolly being pulled up, perfect Julia.

    I looked at that cakey book and loved the pictures. I was in a hurry and didn't take the actual foody bit in. SO thanks for the recommendation.

    Have a great weekend Julia.

    Lisa x

  11. What lovely sketches Julia, love the umbrella one! I too hate waking up in the early hours with thoughts - so annoying isn't it!

  12. Hello Julia

    Your drawings are amazing, what a skill to have. I love the subjects too. Each of us will have a different thought about what that little boy is doing, I see him as reading a bed time story.
    A blustery afternoon is very fitting as it's exactly what is going on here!

    I too wake up sometimes with an idea and instead of going back to sleep and dealing with it in the morning, I go over and over it in my mind..

    That book looks like a must have in my kitchen...

    I look forward to your giveaway! I am having one too as it happens.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  13. RR looks fabulous!

    I've been in the 'what treat shall we make next' mode too for a few weeks. I'm limited to weekends so I pack it all in over two days. Trying to make it all last for the entire week is the hard part!

    Be well (love the sketches!)

  14. Love the blustery afternoon drawing and how you've so cleverly captured movement in it. Think I might just have to treat myself to that book.

  15. Enjoying the sketchy activity here! Thank you for sharing your talent. How I wish I could draw like that. That cupcake book is on my list, as soon as I have some spare pennies. Yum! Have a wonderful weekend.
    D x

  16. A lovely post Julia. Your sketches are wonderful especially the umbrella inside out one. That often happens to me!!! I wish I could be woken in the night by inspiration. If you have an excess of it then please blow it in my direction!!! Have a lovely weekend with your little one. x

  17. Love the rainbow ripples, it makes me want to crochet, but I want to do everything and I don't have time!!!

  18. I love the little line drawings, especially the little boy in his

    I really neeeeed to try rippling. Your's looks lovely. Actually I don't think I've ever seen one that doesn't!

    Now when I smell orange and lemon in the kitchen it reminds me of Christmas time - baking Christmas Cake! Quite the opposite to you.

  19. Isn't it 'the' best cupcake book?
    So glad you indulged yourself!

  20. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I think the mojo is making an appearance again..quite a productive day today! I LOVE your blog! Your drawings are fantastic. You are so talented. I look forward to seeing more..

  21. Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog i have really enjoyed reading yours this evening

  22. Hello Julia,Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.You've certainly got lots of lovely things going on here, ripple, cupcakes and beautiful artwork!  You live in such a lovely area too.
    I've also found here, the term for mine and my husbands favourite time of the day, crepuscular. I must remember that to impress him the next time one of us comments about it.
    Cheers, Lynne


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