Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Head in the Clouds

Yuck. I have been struck down with a head cold. I am languishing in a fuzzy cloud at present and I therefore apologise for any untoward ramblings that might unfold as this post progresses, but I wanted to chat to you, and say hello, and show you another blatantly Christmassy picture of what Ive been up to this week...all of those who are offended by little bearded chaps in red suits, do look away NOW :)

So as the fair draws ever nearer, I am now working like a desperado through the fug of a cold printing up my Christmas cards. I am putting together some boxes of A6 size cards, 10 to be precise which are all individually hand titled and signed. I feel at this point that I have to say to you that whilst the cost of them might well be a tad dearer than what you might pick up in WHSmiths, I am donating 30% to the Down's Syndrome Charity. And they are splendidly handmade.

And there are only a certain amount of them...which makes them a bit extra specially special don't you think?

Anyhow, yes, Ive decided (after trawling Folksy and Etsy and other artist's and illustrator's websites to get a feel for what these things might sell for and being cross with some for not charging enough for what is lovely work that has obviously taken time and effort to produce, to being downright shocked at 8 cards for £16.00 which made me gasp out loud) - to charge £10.00 per box, and you can buy them here.

Look - all hand titled and signed!!! You don't get that in M&S! ;)

So, before the fog of the head cold descended, sometime over the last couple of days I found time to make some stitchy Christmassy decorations, and here is one for you to see:

He is made to a very simple pattern (which I made myself which means it has to be simple!) from lovely Tilda fabric and felt and beads. You will find him at the Candy Cane Christmas Fair, along with various festive relatives who will hopefully be emerging over the next couple of weeks!

Last night, I took out my Big Blanket. The one that I began several months ago after being inspired by Lucy at Attic24 (naughty woman, she's responsible for a total wool addiction and a birthing of crocheted cushions and the like sprouting up all over our house! Bless her, don't know what I would have done without her to tell you the truth!). Anyway, there I go again - I told you it would be like this today, absent minded wanderings!

Well anyhow, out it came - there were 15 blocks in all sewn together in 3 columns with one block over and I sat and looked at it and suddenley I didn't want to be making just more blocks anymore.


Total change of plan.

After an hour of un-knotting and frogging (I think thats the correct terminology for unravelling reams of sewn together crochet isn't it? Please correct me if Im wrong!) I decided to re-stitch in a big square of 4x4. Here's a bit of it to show you what it looks like:

Instead of making a Big Blanket of blocks with an edge all around, Im going to edge my 16 blocks with a few colours and then go around with lots of individual summer granny squares and then edge those. And I think Im going to join as I go, which I have found to be much simpler and faster than the tedious and often mind numbing job of slipstitch sewing along the backs.

It makes the whole Blankety thing feel exciting again. I must admit to having felt a little tired of it, and for a few weeks now, despite having topped up some depleted wool stocks and being mildly excited by the prospect of getting into it again, it remained shoved in a bag under a chair.

I will keep you posted with photographs when it gets to the interesting bits!

So, thats about it for now. Im off to get a drink and take a couple of paracetamols...there is a Craft Candy meeting tonight in town that I am meant to be attending - I desperately want to go, to see everyone and hear all the news before the fair etc, but I feel a nap coming on and its already almost quart' to four!

Onwards and upwards....

By the way, did you know that there is an idea that the common cold is the cure for overdoing it? Its the only way to make our little bodies stop, sit down, sleep or rest isnt it, so that diagnosis makes perfect sense to me, but at the same time it is highly annoying when you have so much to do...but then again, I suppose thats the whole point...

I know by now some of you will be thinking Ive totally lost the plot, got a terrible fever or worse so Im going to cut my ramblings short and go for a cuppa! Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!

With love

Julia x x x


  1. Oh Julia, you poor soul. get thee to bed woman! As for your Christmassy goodies, I can only say I know exactly how you feel about pricing. You should value your work and the time, etc that goes into producing such beautiful handcrafted designs. I hope you sell many, many boxes of them and what a star you are to give some of the proceeds to charity. Much love x

  2. Your Christmas cards are wonderful Julia...very special for special friends! and love that little Santa, he looks like an upside down icicle doll. Very cute.
    Loving the progress with the crochet blanket.

    Jacky xox

  3. The cards, and the blanket, are beautiful... the colours in the latter especially are fabulous. Clever you...hope the cold clears soon... but if, as you say it's our body's way of saying slow down, and you have so much to do, shouldn't you be stocking up on cold remedies for the next one, and the one after that, and the one........

  4. Firstly Julia, I really hope you get well soon. Get as much rest as you can when you can. I sound like a mother hen don't I? I have one of your individually wrapped Christmas cards and a box of your fine art cards too and they are lovely. How cute is your little stitchy man?!!! I would like to see more stitchy things too!

  5. Your work is beautiful...I love Christmas! Thank you for all the well wishes you left on my blog the other day...stay healthy my friend...this flu bug likes to hang around for awhile.

  6. Now those cards are something special - definitely worth the money!!
    Love the crocheted blanket too.
    Hope you're feeling better.
    Linda :-)

  7. I love your christmas cards so so much i bought a box!! Must make sure i send myself one though! Hope you got my email via Folksey, how did that happen!!!! x xx

  8. Hi Julia, I am sorry to hear you have not been 100%, I hope you feel better soon. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  9. Thank you for stopping to take a look at my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment. I'm just off now to take a quick look at yours.
    Rachael XX

  10. I hope you feel better soon.
    Your cards are brilliant.
    I too love hand made decorations.
    I made lots of angels for our tree.
    M xx

  11. unless you are a poor old teacher like me and then you have to still go into work with a cold....love the cards ...you are so clever...love and hugs H

  12. Hello Julia, thank you for visiting and your lovely comments.
    Wow what a talent you have. I love your Father Christmas cards, in fact all of your illustrations. That's a very nice blanket that you have there as well.
    Are you feeling better now?

  13. Hello Julia

    I hope that since writing this post you are feeling much better. If not, I can recommend drinking Thyme tea and putting Eucalyptus essential house on a burner in your house! That is all I use when I get a cold. Two Wows coming up...Firstly the illustration of red riding hood, I LOVE IT! Is it going to be sold as a card or print? Secondly the crochet blanket, I have been admniring the pattern and those beautiful colours!
    I wish you well at the weekend, I know that you will be at a fair.
    Take care
    Isabelle x


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