Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Commission Card - 'Candlelight'
Im still recovering from a fast paced weekend, my sister came to stay for a couple of days and we had a good night out at a lovely restaurant with two friends on Saturday night. My head didnt hit the pillow until 1am and the following morning, other members of my family descended for a huge english breakfast before Jo departed for Suffolk and we set off for a big walk around a lake!
So Im writing this yawning (still) but I was happy to have some time this morning to work on a commission card. The theme was simply 'candlelight' and I wanted to create a shabby chic style feel to the art work by finishing the design with tiny stitch work achieved with a fine line pen.

I feel that Im struggling for time at the moment, to work on my art. There seems to be so much to do, to get the kitchen finally completed, helping my partner set up his new business venture, and with Christmas creeping swiftly upon us I find myself writing lists to keep on top of everything!! However, Im looking forward to meeting up with members of a new group I belong to - hopefully next week sometime, so that at least should be an inspiring and arty/crafty themed evening! Check us out here, there is some awesome talent in our city and some of it is right here!

Sheffield Craft Candy

I have been thinking quite hard lately about how and where I want to take my art...Im in two minds at the moment whether to concentrate on random paintings as the ideas flow, or settle into a series of work, coastal themed...Im drawn to several ideas, but at the moment they are just wisps of things Im thinking about, nothing feels too solid at the moment and Im happy to see what transpires.

Im hoping that once things settle down, I'll be able to be a part time artist again, instead of a once-every-now-and-then type artist. Its important for me to keep connected to my creative side, it helps me maintain a balance when all around me seems to be verging on mayhem or mess!

Im taking myself to the bookshop this afternoon, for some well deserved solitude and then I might grab a nice coffee before heading back to reality - cooking...toddler bathtime...laundry...

But its all good.

Sending you a pocket of tranquility

J x

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