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I'm really pleased to be able to share my first Free E-Book with you; it's a collection of five of my post popular crochet patterns and you are welcome to read it here, print it at home or share it with friends:


You can also find links below for the following individual free crochet and craft tutorials:

Garden Flower Crocheted Mobile Phone Pocket 

Learn to make your own Garden Flower Phone Pocket


Chunky Little Crocheted Bowl

Learn to make your own Chunky Crocheted Bowl

Oh Felty Christmas Tree!

Learn to make your own Felt Christmas Tree decoration!

Popcorn Granny Square Flowers


Joining Popcorn Grannies


Toasty Mitts Crocheted Arm Warmers

Learn how to make your own pair of Toasty Mitts

Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting

Learn how to make Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting


Crochet Sea Pennies

Learn how to make crocheted Sea Pennies for Shawls, Cushions, Blankets etc...


I hope you enjoy the free patterns and E-Book, which I have been delighted to create for you to use at home, and for you to share with family and friends.  If you feel moved to make a little donation, you are welcome to do so ~ Thank You for your support.

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  1. Hello - this is my first time visiting your site. I clicked on a link on so I could find how to make 'sea pennies' - or, actually. to find out what 'sea pennies are'. As I've been making these and incorporating little drilled rock chips in them (near the center) for a prize for the Kids Treasure Wheel at our Rock Show - but I never called them 'sea pennies' but I will from now on because I really like that name, We always just called them crocheted 'yo-yos' . If I had a camera I would email you a picture to you. The rock show is this weekend and I will ask someone to make a digital photo so I can send it to you. Your site is lovely. Thank you for sharing your interests with us. All the best!
    PS sorry I don't know how to choose these other accounts listed. I am grammakaty


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